SILD - Sign Induced Lucid Dreaming

There’s already a technique called SILD, I know, but are there really any names left? I mean I could just name it TILD for Text Induced Lucid Dreaming - TAKEN!

- Introduction -
This technique have been tested with SOME success. I have been able to get a clear dreamsign, simply my fault for not noticing it. The technique is easy, you keep bumping in to text in a certain subject - In this case LUCIDITY. When this text has changed, you know you’re dreaming. Step 3 is for people feeling lucky, more or less. Or if you are pretty certain that you are in a dream state.

- Step 1 -
Imagine yourself on a empty road in the middle of nowhere. You’re surrounded by bushes and trees and the only way to go is that big road. Imagine that you start running, just jogging along the road in a nice speed.

- Step 2 -
Imagine that you see signs on the side of the road at every 100 metres or so. On these signs it says “You are dreaming” or “I am dreaming”. Pay attention to these signs as you run past them.

- Step 3 -
After running for a few minutes (Your call) simply start jumping instead. Really use your legs (If you are asleep you wont really be doing it), hopefully you will be lucid already.
If you’re not lucid, do step 4.

- Step 4 -
Start running again. Keep paying attention to the signs passing by. This time, you keep running past the signs until the text is something completely other than the original. Here’s where I failed. I ran and suddenly there was this sign saying “Sunnydale 5 Miles”, and infront of me where a big city. Right then I had a ND.

- Tip -
To stay lucid once you get lucid, simply keep running, but this time you might find a town at the next sign.

Hopefully you will become lucid. Alternatively you can skip step 3 and do the fourth instead.

I would be glad if you could try this technique and give me a feedback.

It’s pretty nice idea of becoming lucid. I’m gonna try it tonight. Althogh I almost always fail with every tec, so i shouldn’t get my hopes up…

Thank you for the proposition, I will try it when I go to bed.
But the problem is : I’m not good at visualization, so…
But, if keeping running is a good way to reinforce my visualization… we never know…

Sounds like a good tech i’ll give it a shot :tongue:

Yep Im going to try this technique as well tonight. It sounds promising. :smile:

I can’t do tec-s like this. I just loose my concentration or I get tired. I tried it but after some time I just thought oh f***k this and went to sleep. Sorry, no help from me.
I did get lucid yesterday though, I didn’t do any tec-s I just did a RC.

Intresting tech. This is really a little like WILD. Concentrating on something till you fall asleep, then when you’re in the dream you can become lucid.

Sounds like a variation of VILD. Still a cool idea, I’m going to try it.