Silent Dream Characters

There is one phenonemon in my dreams that is kind of hard to put my finger on.

I’ll be trying to communicate with a DC (usually of a perceived “real” origin) and the communication gets “broken” and they will speak but I won’t hear… and will have to ask them to repeat… or they simply won’t be answering but they don’t disappear either.

Do you all have any experiences with this and any ideas of why it might happen? I think it signifies that you are accessing information that is otherwise hard to get to… that is “foreign” to you… (also that you might be trying to learn something that you don’t want to know)

Sometimes I think it means that you’ve reached the barrier between your mind and someone elses, that you are communicating with a real person but due to unknown variables things are getting lost and garbled when going from mind to mind. (i had very minor verification of this when trying to SD with a forum member here a while ago)

Yes I have had that happen many times. It does seem like you are talking to another person nt a DC.

The suggestion of the fact that communication might be difficult or impossible might lead to the same results. I’m not saying this must be the case, but it plays a major role during dreams. Perhaps you had difficulties once and later you thought “oh no, this must not happen again”, and voila there you have your negative spiral.

I agree with Xetrov - it’s a sort of a self imposed placebo effect.

Hmm. No, the people in my dreams always speak back very clearly and eloquently when I talk to them. If they’re silent, which isn’t often, there’s always a reason for it that comes out in the dream later. For instance, in one dream a character had a curse on him that made his voice silent until it was broken. Things like that.

I am always amazed by the detail and cohesiveness of your dreams Stormthunder! My DC’s talk usually but there are a couple who won’t. Or they communicate through actions. Don’t have any idea why.

Thats wierd I should have posted my “Snoby dc” post here, I had the same problem lastnight.

I don’t know b/c sometimes it seems that these DC’s are on mute. I know they’re talking but nothing is coming out. There are things that I don’t expect to talk but then you find them talking and …nothing!!!

But I don’t see where that could be a SD experience.

So far as soon as I realize I’m dreaming the DCs shut up. I can talk to them all I want, but they won’t say a word. They snub me off… :content: