Silly War Rumors

Hey, I heard some silly rumors that because France wont support the war in Iraq, some in the US have changed the name French Fries to Freedom Fries, and that French’s mustard is being boycotted and everyone is using Dijon Mustard, which is french anyway.
Well, instead of believing this, I wanted to ask some Americans on this site if its true, or just a rumor. I think its just a rumor, but I like asking questions.

I spoke to some americans who indeed boycot french products but also many who dont!


Well, I didn’t mean all of America. I just want to know if some are actually doing it. I guess I got my answer.

I live in the USA, close to the capital infact. Yes, the rumors are true. Not everyone is, but many are calling them freedom fries, and american fries. More convincing is that the united states congress, that means the senate and house of representitives, officially changed the name on the congress lunch and dinner menu from french fries to american fries.

I think its crazy that people would change the name of food like that because of what’s going on politically. What is it aimed at doing?


I have not met 1 American that calls their “French fries” freedom or American fries. This was a small story that our local news broadcasters joked about. I got the impression that everyone here thought this was silly. Apparently the story is bigger than I thought … or should I say unfairly given too much attention and portrays Americans in an unfair light. It’s more propaganda than truth.

Just like some restaurants have “themes” such as sport bars or 50’s style diners. Or some restaurants name their food after celebrities. We even have restaurants in the theme of womens breast called “hooters.” Lots of restaurants all over the world do things like this to draw customers.

That is all it is. It is not the people of America boycotting things that include “french” in their names. That’s silly and I’ve not personally heard or witness any of this.

The name change of the fries is basically a marketing ploy to the patriots. It’s re-creating a new product to sale through a name change.

Ah, I’m so proud of my Congressman…Poor economy and a military campaign can wait! We need to make a petty insult to the French!
Kinda makes me wonder. :neutral:

Why would the French be insulted by NOT having an un-healthy food such as fried potato named after them?

Why are they called ‘French Fries’ anyway?

Ah…Well, I hear from my parents that what we currently have as “French Toast” used to be called “German Toast” until WWII…So, I was imagining what would happen after all this Anti-French stuff. What’s up, maybe some British Toast for breakfast? Or perhaps a stack of Liberty Toast… :cheesy:
I’ve no idea why they’re French Fries…

I was curious after reading these posts so I looked up french fries on the web. “In the 1800’s some genius decided to drop slices of it into a pot of boiling fat. The identity of this individual is unknown; the French claim it was one of their countrymen, while the Belgians fiercely hold that it was one of their own who first frenched a fry.” from The Secret History of French Fries

my friends and i call them freedom fries as a joke. and since some of us take french, we joke each other and say that we’re taking “freedom”. we’re all pretty conservative, but the whole renaming stuff is taking it a bit too far.

I don’t think anyone takes the renaming seriously. BTW, I took 2 years of Freedom myself. lol: