similarity to your imagination when reading & dreaming??

yesterday I had a memory of a baseball field…as I continued thinking about it, trying to remember exactly where/what/when this baseball field was and then I finally remembered: it was a baseball field that I imagined while reading a kids book about baseball! I don’t remember the name of the book nor the story, but I know that this field in my mind does not exactly exist in reality…

now to my question: do you guys notice a similarity between what you imagine in your head while reading fiction and how dreams are made?..both are a hodgepodge of places & people from your waking life. when I read fiction most characters end up being combinations of people I know in real life (or famous people/other characters) and locations the same thing… but because it’s taking a little bit from here, a little from there, it’s a world that exists only in my mind… same with dreams…

I know I write in a very confusing way, I’m too lazy to spend time rewriting it (although I will as I write-write this as I further develop the idea)

your thoughts?

In the end, we have one imagination. :tongue: It tends to be used in both dreams and WL, no wonder.

I read so much that I would actually be amazed if what I read about didn’t end up in my dreams. Also, goes for things I watch, as well. I swear, yesterday I had a dream that had Aapa and Momo from Avatar in it. But I enjoy seeing how these fictions play out in my mind.