Simultaneous Thoughts

The question of the possibility to think of 2 different things at the same time ends here. It probably ended in a few other places, but I just had to post this immediately afterwords! Early question: Have any of you experienced this?

It took place when I was thinking of my gf.
I thought about telling her a story, dreaming the story, what I thought of the story, questioning myself if i’m lucid dreaming, and about what happens after telling the story to her- all at the same time!

It was a huge mess! I actually did one more thing as I watched everything in front of me in separate thoughts, together! The wierdest part is that I was able to understand all of it.
I thought of 6 full thought processes at the same time! Impressing myself For The Win!

Sounds astonishing indeed. I thought myself a few times about being able to think of two different things at the same time, but it never worked out for me the way I wanted it to.

Perhaps you already knew the answers before even thinking about them which is why you had the illusion of thinking of all of them at the same time. Perhaps you thought about each and one of them one after the other really fast - like a microprocessor (CPU): When you listen to music and write a word document at the same time, the CPU takes in data from both not at the same time, but separates the data in small bits so that per second a large rage of bits from both programs can enter the CPU, not simultaneously but one after another. The fact that they are extremely fast creates the impression of them running at the same time. Perhaps the human brain is kind of the same?

I have one question regarding these thoughts: Did you think of all things by overlapping these thoughts or by thinking of each of them in a separate frame at the same time ? In other words, did all of them occur in one ‘window’ at the same time or did each of them had their separate ‘window’ so that they ran simultaneously in different frames ?

Interesting thread,
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I didn’t know the answers, The thoughts kept trying a new and different situation for every little thing it thought was a mistake.

The slots (or windows- should’ve used windows) were overlapping on one another. I split them apart to see them all seperately still working at the same time, then I overlapped them into 1 screen. It was like seeing shadows and fades of each different thought.
This was the way I used to double check that I wasn’t moving through thoughts rappidly. I would totally agree with your pc fact-that is actually what I thought too until I pushed all of the thoughts into the same frame.

In simple response to your question: Both. I moved them into tiles first, then into an overlap.
The best comparison to how it looked in tile format would be the menu lobby for Onlive.

Thanks, Nice avatar, reminds me of my favorite word, “Conundrum”
“Cheers” was a good show, I salute you.

It happens to me, sort of. But usually one of the thoughts is a song. I can’t focus on two thoughts clearly, but I can kind of entertain multiple trains of thoughts at times, even if a bit vaguely.

I can’t say it’s something that I experience often. The exeption here might be mental mathematical calculations, where you have to keep track of a few different numbers. Of course, I do only 1 calculation at a time, but I use my “free RAM” to remember temporary results, which I then retrieve when I need. It’s hard to say if our minds are made for processing two equally important thoughs at once. I’m a bit skeptical on this, but it would be fun to do some research regarding what happens in the brain.

I’m sorry? Did I make a good show? :content:

Maybe ‘conundrum’ is your Lucid Key. Say it in one of your LD’s (if you haven’t already), I’m sure something extraordinary would happen. Thanks too.

[center]I see you like Doctor Who. :tongue: [/center]

The thing is that what you’re saying is pretty impossible. Either you’re gifted or not understanding this properly.

Can you overlap thoughts on command? What state of mind (feeling) were you in when this happened?

Yeah I understand your skeptism, it sounds impossible, but it somehow happened. I was in a clear thinking state and, i’ll admit, slightly aroused. It felt like being in a very, very large and open cave in Minecraft for your first time.
Everything was there but it felt like a void of mystery with floating pictures and such.
Yes, I was able to control where the windows were, the thinking processes that happened inside felt like…I don’t know, not just to quote, but it literaly felt wishy washy timey wimey.
And if you’re thinking that my processer was burning up- it was quite the opposite. The “room” felt like a chill wind stopped in mid-air- or it was just cold.
I’m not sure how to get it working again… That night, I tried to lucid dream but I couldn’t concentrate on staying still, so I started to move around and let my mind wonder. The moment I thought about her and some fantasies that are most likely impossible, (slightly aroused) my mind just opened up into multiple scenario tactics for different times in a conversation whilst thinking if I was dreaming this whole moment. I know I wasn’t sleeping because my body was still moving with its usual weight.

I never thought of saying Conundrum in my dreams, i’ll definently have to try it.

Cheers was a good and funny tv show I watched, it was also used as a bad joke right there because it was the same name as your very interesting goodbye sig.

For a gemini, it just might be easier said and done at the exact same time. I think I figured a bit of this out by doing some searches on Google. This link was quite good for helping me start to think of starting to start thinking like what happened for more common.It makes sense, I just re-read it. … 000AAYuXXb

Before you ask, I am one of the Gemini’s at war with himself. Although, this moment above was the only time I wasn’t. I really like her- I need to call-
As i’m also thinking of making another sub-forum/thread that’s all about just speaking your mind for a paragraph or two. her.

I’ve also read about myself that I should share my brilliant and unfinished ideas with everyone… Phahahahahajejehahajajaha!!! I’m not an idiot who will have my hologram idea stolen! Nor my currently working on hypothosy on how hoverboards would work without a magnet road or wires! Jets are not out of the question, but nobody wants a combustable, flaming hoverboard! I take that back, i’d be like a futuristic version of Ghost Rider on that scene of the bridge in the old Nicholas Cage movie- that is not his name by the way! That movie was pretty awesome to me because it felt like all the battles were boss battles! Who ever remembers what happened in that water scene- The Amazing Spiderman was a great movie! You wouldn’t belive the small similarities to Tobey’s Goblin. Well, it’s not Tobey’s- screw it, he was frickin Spiderman! Arthur is british, I don’t care about that like other people would, he was fantastic- why do I sound like a girl. Doctor Who for The Win- you know, this is the second tome saying FTW in the same post, probably the same ipod too. I’m not saying it again. Should I even post this? It’s not shure, it’s sure! Took me a while too, and i’m at College reading level for America! Spelling too, but not with this laggy keyboard! What was I just- oh, not the train! Sheldon loves trains! There goes the train of thought.

When thinking of two things at once, it seems to me that all that is happening is your mind is going back and forth between two thoughts very fast. Try looking at optical illusions of the “vase or two faces”. Try and see both the vase and the two faces at the same time. Hey just jump back and forth in your mind faster and faster, but you brain can’t see both vase and faces at the same time.

Just my thoughts and observations

I actually accomplished that with the vase that is surrounded by faces.
There is a way around that problem.

You could imagine 2 pictures of the same illusion, then photoshop the vase out in one and the faces in the other. Then you compare both pictures and come up with something even better!

There is also the water in a cup. Most people think it’s just half vs. Half, but it can be a full cup with air inside, and just a glass of water too. The last alternative, is to see all of the views and choose your own. That’s more like zooming out and seeing all of the unattached video puzzle pieces.

You’re still correct about the brain switching back and forth real fast consciously, but count how things your brain is doing subconsciously right now. (Who am I to say what’s correct?)
If we dream inside the mind, how come we can multi-think then?
Why does everything randomly turn into a narrative when I start asking questions? Will I come off rude? Will this conversation come to an agreeable solution?! Will our heroes come off as borderline psycopathic?!! Find out next time in,_____! He just fades in like that. I’m starting to think that I have some unique problems.

Also, you don’t need to directly view something to see it. If you play any Grid wars type of game where you watch all the “asteroids” on screen come flying at the ship, you kind of look away a bit and use your whole vision to see everything coming at you.

You would be right though when it comes to games that have a small window in some corner, like the multiplayer menu in Uncharted 3, where you glance at the video a few times then get back to the game.
I should definently make it a goal then to pay attention to that and something else at the same time!

Hmm I’ve never tried the photoshop method of solving the vase and two faces problem. Not sure if just removing the face or vase from one picture would help though. There will still be a “shadow” of what ya remove, but I should try this some time. I just can never see both at the same time, and it can get fustrating to try. Almost dizzying. I was mostly speaking from a conscious perspective and how your attention can only be on one thing at one instant, consciously

But that’s my conscious attention. If your talking subconsciously, then I’m not so sure any more. Maybe our subconscious is kind of some sort of omni-capable mind with no pin point of attention?

Interesting point. I wonder how we can tap into the subconscious… Consciously, it IS quite argued that we switch very fast. I wonder if it’s switching when you have a tune in your head while reading.

For the photoshop, don’t cut the vase perfectly, leave a lasso around both vase and face. A borderline if you want to say.

There has to be a study on this!

I know, I really wanna know if I can see both vase and face, so frustrating haha :wink:

I just learned something - I naturally do this when reading and holding a conscious idea that in thinking about. Problem is that this state ‘collapses’ incredibly easily and I’m left unsure what exactly I was thinking about :confused: