Singing in Dreams

I was just watching some 3rd Rock from the Sun on Netflix (A really great show). For one of the season finally’s, they have a two-part episode where the main characters dream. In Harry’s, he dreams about sining Randy Nueman’s “Life Has Been Good to Me”.

So to get to the point, has anyone here dreamt of singing or musicals? I know I have once, and it was about a year ago. It had The Animaniacs (Also a great show) singing about limestone. Really, really weird.

So, anyone else dream of musicals?

Never dreamt of a musical myself but i have dreamt of a song which i have never heard and don’t even think exists in RL.
Also always meant to watch 3rd rock as the ads make it look good , never got round to it though :razz:

Personally, I don’t think I have ever sung in my dreams (or at least don’t remember that). However, I remember visiting a concert of a rock band in my dream and recently had a dream where I heard a music piece. Music is definitely possible in dreams and it is a wonderful experience :smile:

Not exactly singing but I have played an amazing piece of music on the piano which cannot be duplicated in real life (the song addicted to bass).

I know of a few other people around here who play instruments and have dreamed of music that they have then duplicated and played in waking life. :tongue: It’s a nice thing, but I don’t think I’ve ever sung in a dream.

Yep I’ve done that before, the singing that is. It was a beautiful song. The DCs reacted excitedly towards it. They came from all over literally running through the streets to come and hear me. Yep amazing :content: !!!