Sixth Lucidity Challenge is here!! - Winner: Queen SD!

Personally, I thought the time task sounded most interesting. It’s something to do, yet you can use it to still do other things in a LD. The tasks with few directions seemed to be the best ones in my opinion, because it’s hard (at least for me) to remember multiple or complex things you’re supposed to do in a dream (a la 4th task).

Anyway, I think this was well done for a lucidity challenge. Granted, this is my first one, but it was still lots of fun! :content:

thanks guys… yeah… multiple tasks are hard to remember, I thought about it…
plot tasks are probably not that cool too, unless you are really experienced…
the final task is almost a research, I think it’s cool, you’ll probably find out something new, methods to prolong, switch between dreams… and man… false awakening are fun… same feeling like you instantly got lucid, this beautifull feeling, cause you think that you woke up just for couple seconds… and then - BOOM… I’m stil in a dream !!!
OOOh I love it.
And I think most of the things I offered in the last task none of you tried… when else will you? :grin:

Ooo i had a LD last night and completed some of the task, but i cant post it right now (it’s a long one). It’s tuesday night, the deadline ends today but can i post it tomorrow morning? We dont have school and i’ll have plenty of time to write it down (i’ve already writen it in my normal DJ by hand). Thanks in advance :peek:

everybody can do the same then…
Come on… last chance !!!

Oh, you know, I just had a word with my major Oracle, she said you guys wil have and LD tonight !!!

Okay here goes…
Im going to post the whole dream, lucid and not. Hope that’s ok. :wink:

I dreamt i was in school and i had been preparing an art project for months, so that was the last day we had to complete it and i was nearly done. But then, the next thing i know shatterspike had ruined it but cutting it in half and using a part of it for his team’s project :razz:. Of course i decided to take it back, by invading his team’s castle with the ebil army, so the art project was at last complete.

Then the dream started to fade away and i found myself underwater, with nemo :eh: . There was a path, just like the one in “finding nemo” where they decide to swim over it and end up surrounded by millions of jellyfish. Anyway, i decide to swim over it (stupid me) but a pineapple fish appears from behind a rock and says: “Are you our of your mind?! Wake up already!!”, making me blink and realise im dreaming. I did a nose RC, just to make sure, and swam upwards so i could leave the sea (i managed to breathe underwater :grin: ).

When i reached the surface, i felt like i was falling really fast, closed my eyes and when i opened them i was in merlin’s (yes the wizard’s) house. He welcomed me and said there was no time to waste. His wife walked in and offered us a cup of pineapple tea (which tasted pretty good actualy) and we sat down by the fire so he could explain to me what was going on.
“Alex, the evil king is going to attack and we must stop him!”
“Dude, what’s with all the drama? It’s just a dream anyway and you’re nothing more than a DC.”
Of course he didnt like that and started yelling spells at me but it was fun :grin: .

Eventualy i decided to apologise and let him teach me whatever power he knew, it was fun anyway… he seemed so convinced it was RL :tongue: . He started with minor boring spells, he didnt think i was good enough to learn proper magic…tsk tsk… Of course he changed his mind when dark minions of the king attacked (which looked like those hooded ghost-like creatures that rode those black dragons/horses in Lord of the Rings). They had long black swords and strong magic powers as well and even though i knew it was a dream, i really wasnt looking forward to finding out how dream being-run-through-with-a-sword-pain felt.

And because the mix of Merlin’s story with LOTR wasnt enough, i added Eragon in the dream as well! I shouted spells from the anciet elven language, throwing fire, energy and electric spheres at them, as well as airbending (i love that power) :grin: . Then i decided to just make them disappear, since it was my dream so i snapped my fingers and they went POOF!

I headed outside, thinking i still have time to complete the rest of the lucidity challenge and jumped off the cliff, transforming into a bird and flying. After a few minuites i decended and looked around me. Everyone was preparing for some sort of battle, creatures were being summoned by dragon riders to help them and i asked my SG (a green dragon called leachy - sometimes appears as a silver one called cho) what was going on and he replied:
“I know you know this is just a dream, but do you have anything better to do right now than taking over the kingdom and overthrowing the evil king? Let me remind you that you wanted to have a Dark SiDe related LD, so here you go.”
Thought about for a while and noded.

Then i saw painocus and liam catch up to us, riding their own dragons! Painocus had one that looked like his avvy (but a bit more real) and liam’s was Saphira from Eragon (awesome saphire blue dragon). We charged and without even realising it, i transformed into a dragon and blew fire out of my mouth! Surprised i looked at my “hands” and started testing my powers and abilities as a dragon. I flew around, breathed fire, noticed the amazing sight i had and just enjoying myself when i suddenly realised that i probably didnt have that long left to complete the challenge, as i felt i was close to waking up. I decided not to risk it with FAs and just wake up IRL, so can get the easy points (which are quite many actualy :tongue: ).

And i thought i had succeded when i woke up safe and sound in bed… until i noticed the tiny detail that a pineapple fish dragon (a dragon which had the colour and tail of the pineapple fish :eh: ) was floating outside my window. I blinked but decided to ignore it, got out of bed and started praparing for school, then it struck me that cannot possibly be normal. I did a RC and discovered i had ended up in a FA, instead of waking IRL. I gave it another go, since i could feel the dream was going to fade any second and i succeded. I did another RC just to make sure and there i was, back in real life. Which is quite boring actualy, compared to the dream world :tongue: .

Phew now that was long… There’s more in that dream but im not gonna post it, it’s way too confusing and way too long.
:ebil: :nuu:

Mission complete!

In short I got Lucid, flew around (through a wall), then perched on a clock tower, and WILD’d into another LD.

I’ll post the full dream later, when I have time.

Ok, for now can count only 355 points to Pineapple Master :smile:
If you sure that you wasn’t loosing the dream yet I’ll add another 150…
cause it sounds that you started to loose it… let me know.

Ysim gets 200 points so far… wil wait til tonight…
others stil wellcome to post.

What do you mean losing the dream? Well i never lost lucidity and the drean didnt really fade away, i just knew that i would wake up in a few secs cuz it was morning (i have no idea how i knew that, i just did)

Ok, I have time to type now.

One WILD Lucid
Nothing important happened until I became Lucid.
I was in my “old room”, and did a rc, to see I could breathe through a closed nose. I Then climbed out the window (which just happened to be shut, so I phased through it) onto the roof. A few slightly older kids were playing poker while drinking cough “root beer”. I laughed, but realized the dream was fading slightly, so I sat down and focused on it, so it came back. My mother leaned out the window and yelled at us. The other four jumped and ran, but I just jumped off and flew away.
It was daylight out, but I felt like flying in the dark, so I made the sky turn to night.
In the dark a flew around and over trees, just having fun, then I saw a large brick wall. Well I didn’t feel like going over it, so I laughed and went straight for it. I felt some slight resistance, but not much and came out the other side infront of a huge clock tower, in the middle of a town. (Big Ben?) I hovered for a second staring at the time, 10:36. I shruged then hovered up on top and laid down on a flat part and closed my eyes.
I felt a slight spinning feeling and saw a few HI (like IRL) then a few moments later I knew I was asleep in the dream, and standing in a new dream, at the end of a driveway.
Woo an in-dream WILD! There was a truck coming, and I wanted to cross the street. Why? Who knows… I did a quick RC to make sure I hadn’t woken up for real by mistake, then Ran out infront of the truck. I held up my hand and “force pushed” the truck to the side so I could slip by unhit.
When I got to the other side I made it day again, because the darkness was starting to make it harder to focus. There before me was an apartment building. I thought about what to do, but ultimately went inside where I saw my father.
We talked for a moment, and I laughed at his ingorance as a DC, until there was a loud Meowing sound. I went outside, where it was once again nighttime, and saw a cat stuck in a tree. I grabbed the balcany railing and gave it a little test shake, it was really wobbly. After a moment of thought, I leaned back and threw myself over the railing, flying a little and landing gracefully on the small branch. I grabbed the cat and floated to the ground. Still holding the cat I realized “Ahh crap, I have to get up for school soon.”

I then woke up, just seconds before my alarm went off.

Ysim gets 275 points so far, I didn’t get wheather you woke up to get wake up points, let me know…
so I’ll edit the scores

Here we go:
As Queen SD is couple hundred points ahead of from Ysim, even if Ysim gets another 150, will not overthrow the winner of the sixth lucidity challenge.
Please correct me if there are any mistakes…
The Order of the Mighty cookie is Dissmissed… and It’s up to a new ruler of the order to decide will it be the order of the Cookie or a Pineapple or… who knows…
Queen SD is the winner !!!
Sorry for all the delays… for poor comunication… anything you didn’t like…
Wish you all good luck and God’s blessings.

I knew I was going to wake up, but I didn’t purposefully (nor want to) wake up.

Congrats SD!

Thanks guys, but unfortunately i wont be able to do it. I’ve PMd dimsya about it and told him he can post the PM. Really sorry :sad: (trust me, i wanted to do it so bad)

Bad news Warriors!
Queen SD has fallen…
these are his last words:

I wish i could organise the next challenge but i cant. My pc’s being fixed (i am currently on my bro’s) so i dont have internet for a few days, plus there’s an exam coming up soon and i dont have time at all. I really dont want to keep people waiting, so the person who came second can do it instead.
(who knows, maybe i’ll enter another challenge sometime and see how it goes there)

Great tasks though, it was awesome competing in it - keep up the good work :wink:

little unusual… for last words… :smile:
(sorry have to go)
Ysim takes the place of the next organizer of LD challenge.
Be READY !!!

Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t sabotage SD’s computer.
shifty eyes

I will set up a sign up topic in a little bit.

Hope you get your computer fixed, SD. :colgate:

Congrats SD :grin:

I like it when people dream about me :content:

Hehe who doesnt? Thanks liam :content:
I believe Yism will organise a nice challenge, i’m not good at organising stuff anyway so this way it’s better :razz:

Yes, and it is already up for sign ups. I think there are only 4 slots left. HURRY if you want to compete!


Locked because the Seventh Lucidity Challenge has begun. :ysim: