Sixth Lucidity Challenge is here!! - Winner: Queen SD!

Eh… where is dimsya? It’s been about a week since s/he was last on…

Slots are full,
It was a lot less the a week… couple days… I still waiting for my new comp…
SUNDAY MIDDAY… I will announce the frist task

You can congart me, I succeeded in WILD, from a dream state however… BUT WILD!!!

The quest will begin soon, I want to apologise to everyone who was waiting for me, I am watchin the topic… no emails came… and my comp was burned by the power of the mighty cookie!! well enough … SUNDAY MIDDAY !!!

The first challenge:
Deadline: wednesday noon.
Traveling through mirrors. It was fun for me,
Become lucid - 50 points
travel through a mirror to a different location - 25 points per each mirror
teleport to Dole Plantation of Pineapples in Hawaii - 75 points
break a miror and cut youself - 15 points
get stuck in a mirror -15 points
go through a mirror and end up on the other side of the mirror - 10 points
say hello to yourself in a mirror - 10 points

Well that’s gonna be an easy 75 points for me :lol:
[size=75]Hehe, my ebil plan of brainwashing people with pineapples is working :nuu: :ebil: [/size]
Dole Plantation, beware, the queen of all pineapples is here :plotting:

Okay here goes…
I became lucid only for a bit tonight and then had a FA but i did consider that i might be dreaming quite a few times in the dream. Sadly, my RCs didnt fail for some weird reason. Anyway, i dreamt i cut myself with a mirror which had been broken by a fire ball (ebil guy was trying to kill me but then he disappeared). I also dreamt that the president of greece died because he was cut by a broken mirror :eh: . Ah well… so then i pulled some weird outfits out of my bathroom’s mirror, wore them and looked at myself in the mirror each time :grin:
I thought about walking through the mirror but once i touched it it broke :bored:

That’s all for now… do i get any points for that? :grin:

Very convenient first quest. I’m supposed to find Yodan through a mirror anyway. Sweet.

Ok, got one very cool one (to me) last night.

Be Someone WILD

[LD]WILD, but for some reason I had a series of uncontrollable scene changes, where I became gradually smaller and smaller, until I was the size of an earring. Being an earring hurt, because it happened that a needle ran through both of my hands (the needle that you place through your ear or whatever).

I eventually became an earring in this dark room with lots of mirrors. I looked around to see who was there.

I started hearing someone singing “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman…

I, I had the feeling that I belonged,
And I, I had a feeling I could be someone.
Be someone.

I felt the song in my heart (yes, it sounds very corny) and looked at the nearest mirror. A faint white light enveloped me and made me normal sized again. The room slowly lit up, and this fog slowly lifted. I rushed toward the mirror and found myself, only this time, my mirror self looked calm.

“Yodan!?” I called out. I looked around the mirror, trying to get through it. My mirror self just stood there and smiled.

This woman showed up behind me and said something like, “Isn’t it nice?” I noticed that she had no apparent reflection in the mirror.

“Yodan?” I asked. “Are you Yodan?”

She smiled and nodded. “You might want to thank yourself,” she told me.

I looked at my mirror self and told him, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he told me, in a rather deeper voice than mine.

“You wanna see what it’s like on the other side?” asked Yodan.

I started to reach through the mirror, but realized that I was stuck. It was rubbery, but I couldn’t get through. My other self grabbed me and started pulling me, too… The dream was fading as Yodan said, “Can you see it? This is a charging pad…”[/LD]

There you go. Judge it. :smile:

Well, I had a LD last night. It ended up being in a room with a wooden floor and some disfigured guy who kept trying to hit me. I basically was lucid long enough to walk around and try to keep the guy from tackling me lol, but no mirrors yet.

So… so far
SD gets 75 total 50 + 15 + 10 (for interaction)
MatrixManNe0 gets total of 85 50 + 15 + 10 +10 ( interaction )
deadline is near… wil edit in 12 hours.

Oh… TBK gets 50 points…
It would be less… but I forgot to mention that you get points only if you enter the quest… like get lucid and find a miror… but I did not…
so… 50 points for TBK

Ah had another LD (with WBTB and MILD) last night :grin: This was fun :tongue:
I visited the plantation of pineapples and also ate a pineapple (tasted good) - although i’m not sure it was the dole plantation… I dunno, cant remember. The thing is that i simply appeared there once i saw a mirror and thought “oooo im dreaming, cool” , i dont think i actualy got there by going through the mirror. Oh well, it was fun, especialy when a DC walked up to me and said “oh you almighty pineapple queen, how may i assist you?” and i answered “hmm… a pineapple would be good” and he gave me one :yes:
Plus i found an old mirror and tried placing it up side down, looked at myself and realised that the mirror showed me upside down as well :razz:

:razz: continues to wait, hidden in some low-lying brush, concealed in optic camo… waiting for the Cookie Task…
dun dun dun… :ebil: thunder and lightning

when i get better at LD i will try one of the next challenges.

Ok, Queen SD gets 130 points total 50 + 50 (reduced PP) + 10 interaction + 10 second LD + 10 extras for eating pineapple

1 st challenge is over… real warriors of the Order have to practice … to practice…
sometimes I repeat myself… don’t pay attention… don’t pay attention…
Scores are on the 1st page…
The next task will be given friday midday… + or - 4 hours…
The next task will be given… darn… already said that…
OK… see ya soon.

Shit IM LATE? Damn. Nevermind. I got lucid it was very vivid, remembered the mirror stuff, found a mirror jumped thru it and ---------------------------woke up. Well I guess its 0 points then since im late :sad:

Saffer will get 10 points extra in next task…
AND the TASK is:
Time !!!
become lucid and try to do anything with time - 50
slow it down - 30
speed it up - 30
stop it - 45
interact with any object in any changed time - 30
if you are effected - 0
if you are not effected but others are - 30
make an explosion in slo mo - 75

How much time we have?