Sleep Apnoea and Lucid Dreaming

Hi All. First time poster. m30.
(Sorry if I am repeating any post from long ago)
About 6 months ago I managed to start to Lucid Dream, although I only managed to stay in level 5 for a matter of seconds. I have been using Reality Checks as the primary method. After a short break and a life changing even (will not go into details) I have started trying again with little success. Unfortunately, now I am wearing a forced air mask to help me with diagnosed sleep apnoea. For those that do not know what that is, Google CPAP machine. To combat this, I have been trying to use Binaural Beats. Has anyone else had this experience and managed to get Lucid dreaming again after a short break? What does everyone think about Binaural Beats as an aid to Lucidity? Thanks for reading