Sleep cyckles

That thing with doing WBTB after 3 , 4.5 or 6 hours , must it be done after that number of hours ?
I`ve autosuggested myself to wake at 4 AM , but i rarely do it at those times .
Should i work to do that ?
Wake up after that number of hours ?

You can wake up any time you want to, but if you manage to wake up after that number of hours, you’ll generally have a bigger chance of remembering REM dreams. It’s because we enter REM sleep every 90 minutes after we fall asleep, and waking up in the middle of such a REM cycle always increases the chance of having a good dream recall. Waking up while in NREM sleep will make it more difficult. So it’s up to you :smile:
Also, REM cycles are very short in the beginning of the night, but they increase in length during the night. So, generally speaking, you may have more chance of remembering dreams during the fourth REM cycle (after 6hrs of sleep) than during the second REM cycle (after 3hrs of sleep). Though that probably differs a little with each person.

Ok , I`ll try !

Thanks !

Mild or WILD have tyhe same effect , or ?

I’m not sure if I understand what you mean… You’re asking if WBTB+MILD and WBTB+WILD have the same time schedule of waking up (after 3, 4.5, 6 or 7.5hrs)?

Is it the same if you wake up in a sleep cycke or not when you`re doing Mild+WBTB or WILD+WBTB or Autosuggestion?

ehh, yes, i think it is, cos, REM is allways after an (about) set time schedule so, yes

Indeed :smile: Sleep cycles are usually pretty fixed, so they won’t change if you’re doing WILD or MILD combined with WBTB. One exception might be when you succeed in doing WILD during the evening. The few people who manage to do that report that they can pretty quickly enter a REM state, not after 90 minutes. This means they somehow manage to change their normal sleeping patterns.


No, they report dreams, which means n-REM dreams since REM does not come quickly at that time. If you are dreaming there is mostly no way to know for sure if you are in REM or not.

I once read something about dreaming in black and white. Does this happen when you are in a NREM stage of sleep?

I don`t know

I think that some people just dream in black & white. Nothing to do with sleep cycles. I may be wrong.

I remember colors .

I agree with Bullseye. Dreaming in black and white has nothing to do with sleep cycles.

I found it!
This is what Jeff posted in another topic called “dreaming in black and white?”
“Yes nrem dreams are in black and white and i finally figured out why excactly that is the case!”

And why is it that way ?

I don’t agree with Jeff.

Since I have very little experience with this, i don’t know who is right. I am just passing on some stuff I read before. If you guys would like to read what Jeff said, go here. … case#79478

Actually, REM upon sleep onset does exist. It’s more like an unusual phenomenon, called SOREMP (sleep onset REM period). I’ve posted about them in another topic (about bedtime WILD I believe).