Sleep Deprivation

I’ve thought for a long time that sleep deprivation tends to make it easier to achieve lucidity when you finally do go to sleep, based on the fact that the first time I pulled an all-nighter, when I finally did pass out the next afternoon, I had multiple LD’s. I was reminded of this last night when I stayed up until 6am and had my first good LD in months. So I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Also, I just happened to not go to sleep last night so I’m going to wait until about 7pm tonight (9 hours from now, 27 hours since I woke up) to go to sleep and see if I have any LD’s.

In a previous job where i had to work all night every third week, i got LDs easily if i got time to take a nap in the day. Also if i get so sleepy after a night on the train that i just fall asleep, it is a little easier to get LDs. After an insomnia period, i have had perfect WILDs where my body has fallen asleep no matter how awake my mind has been.

However, i got the same effect from waking up at ~1 hour intervals through a night of sleep, so it is probably just from REM deprivation. I wouldn’t recommend depriving yourself of sleep just to get a LD, since sleep is important for health!

Ok, so waking yourself up every hour would achieve the same thing that Graech is trying to do with depriving himself? Healthier for you?

I would like to hear about the one hour intervals myself.

REM sleep occurs at the end of every sleep cycle, which is roughly 90 minutes long. If you are forced to wake up before the sleep cycle reaches its end, you will probably not reach REM sleep for at least the first sleep cycles. I did that as an experiment in a vacation, it gave lucid dreams but also made me very tired! It is not something i would recommend, it doesn’t give proper rest.

When I used to WILD a lot, I would get insomnia. I’d lay in bed for 6hours with no sleep. Usually around this time of trying to go to sleep so long, Id go into SP instantly and end up in a LD, even if my eyes were open. Just a cool experience Ive had a few times.

I basicly screwed my sleep pattern this summer. I don’t even get tired anymore and it ends up with me going to bed at 4-5 a.m in the morning and sleeping in untill 3 p.m. It’s not because of lucid dreaming, it’s because I’m addicted to using the computer :bored:

Sleep deprivation initially causes a rebound in delta and Stage 2 sleep because your body/mind needs that before REM. Afterwords you have a substantial (depending on the length of deprivation) period of REM rebound that is an accumulation of the REM cycles you missed prior. So, a longer and more vivid REM rebound session will provide the conditions to make a lucid dream more likely.

sounds familiar…
I have basically found myself unable to get tired, or sleep for several nights, and then I can sleep for almost an entire day.
during that time, I find that I have increasing controll in my dreams, especially when I wake between dreams.
I find that I can’t WILD as well when I am suffering from sleep deprivation, but I seem to be able to find my awareness once I’m asleep.
if that makes any sense.

Took most of the words from my mouth.

Be warned with this approach. Sleep depreivation is bad for your health strees mind body etc. It can also alter your personality for the worse with long periods of this approach and also causes REM rebound while you are awake, in other words you see things and hear things that are not really there. Study shows that most of the time they are harmless, but after time the images usaly turn violent or disturbing, depression most of the time sets in and it can take months to recover.

Rem rebound can also be caused by drugs, ie alcohol, which suppresses rem and then your body makes up for it.

Resaerch is not sure why rem rebound increases lucidity, if anyone does know, i would like to see the text.


Well, I don’t know why REM rebound increases lucidity, but I could hazard a guess! ?

I would think having a longer REM period increases the probability of becoming lucid… ie. more opportunity to realise you are dreaming. And… if you are already predisposed to the idea of becoming lucid, I am sure those two factors would increase the chances of a lucid dream when you are on the rebound.

Personally though, this has not really worked for me. I have had a lot of insomnia lately and a lot of disturbed sleep, and the overall quality of my dreams has deteriorated somewhat significantly. Maybe it will work a few times, but I think as a ‘method’ to repeatedly have lucid dreams… you are putting yourself in the way of some psychological damage.

Also, sleep deprivation will also effect your memory… so you might be having lucid dreams but unable to recall them! :neutral:

sound like it could work becase the other day when i stayed up till 4am i got the closest i have ever been to an ld. i got to a point where i was beging to hear and smell random thing. i assume this is not part of sp it seemed to real. but you need to watch out with sleep Deprivation i remember watching part of a 60 minutes show [there was nothing eles on] about sleep where the showed how messed up some people where getting with sleep dep. they keep someone up for 6days with only 3 hours of sleep a night and when they started to ask questiong to them on the 6th day they where taking up to a minute to answer but thought it was only a sec or so

i have managed to stay up 2 weeks 2 days, with the very mimimum sleep b4, late last year, i had i tyhink under 15 hours sleep, around that, i didnt have one after, i also very frequently stay up for 48+ hours at a time and nothing has happned, it could be worth looking into tho

I’ve been up for almost 30 hours. Going to sleep now and will post results tomorrow.

when i deprive myself of sleep, i get really vivid dreams after but i dont think i actually had an LD… i’ll try that tonight because it’s already 3:30 in the morning here.

Sounds a lot like me…

Anyways, usually I don’t sleep deprive myself on purpose, as I am aware of the adverse effects. In the case of this thread (has it been, what almost a month now?) I just happened to be reading a book that I couldn’t put down and couldn’t fall asleep afterwards.

I ended up going to sleep around 11 o’ clock, but I didn’t have any lucid dreams.

(Aside note)
Also, the memory is a funny thing because now I cannot remember the LDs I had during that first all-nighter at ALL, but at the time that I posted it (wow! it’s been closer to two months!) I could.

although i have never had an ld (yet), there was a time where me and a friend had stayed awake for nearly four days without sleep. although i slept for nearly 18 hours afterwards and had some very interesting dreams in that time, i would also not recommend sleep dep. throughout those days my perception of time was altered, and i started to hallucinate and hear things that werent there. for instance i would stare at a shadow of a stationary object from a stationary light source, and it would change colors and shapes, and eventually turning into some pretty vivid bloody scenes. at that point i felt it was probably wise to stop playing video games and other things and take a nap.
although the hallucinations were quite fascinating, i would definately not recommend using sleep dep for having a lucid dream or anything of the such, cause the effects on your body are definately not good for it.