Sleep Paralysis awesomeness (It's crazy cool)


So I’ve connected today since like a few years I haven’t been on this forum to tell you the following.

Folks I can tell you the following for sure, the more SPs you get through your life, the easier it becomes to control the SP and by extent, the will to enter a dream AND EVEN to exit your body via OOBE & AP.
It’s really crazy, i’ve been getting many SPs, 99% of them without much purpose, I just waited for them to pass, but my experiences in SP have been increasingly crazy and awesome.

Last night I attempted to do a WILD, I went into SP and I literally simply woke up like actually waking up, the paralysis just simply doesn’t affect me anymore for some reason, I open my eyes, and in the moment I didn’t understand, I thought I woke up for real, but then I am back into my bed in SP, I actually entered a dream via WILD and it has been shockingly easy.

A few years ago I was really scared of SP and I hated every single second of it that passed when I had it, I avoided it like the plague.

But now, SP is a welcoming door towards lucid dreaming and it’s as simple as saying “hello”.

I don’t know how all of this is happening to me.
Folks hear me out, try to get as much experience in SP as possible, be familiar with it, and you’ll notice just like me that it becomes really easy to WILD & AP in it.

Although I’ve never properly experienced SP ( I don’t think sleeping on to of my arms and waking up with 0 felling or control counts?) I have tried on and off for a few years. I think this was the motivation I needed to start trying again. Thanks!