Sleep paralysis during an OBE!!!

ok ,i get SP around once a week on average… I have had many OBE’S when i first got them i would float out of my window and stand on my lawn because the green grass was so vivid and beautiful, but now, ive seem to run into a problem that i have not seen any other experience… When i am getting OBE’s now… i float straight upward and have no control over my body… today i was floating and i could not move physically , nor mentally… my body was not flying around uncontrollably… but i was on my ceiling and i was unable to move at all… when i tried to move it drained me just as i was in SP… basically i was suspeded in the air during an OBE but having SP at the same time!!.. i could feel my need to breathe because i was aware… just like in SP… so i was breathing and i was stuck and i was scared how long i would be there… luckily my girlfriend woke me up … but it took two hard shrugs of my arm to get me out of it… why did i have SP . during an OBE… or? what is your guys advice on what i experienced??

Well first of all you are paralyzed every time you enter dream state, better say REM stage. That’s why is debatable if OBE’s are when one actually leaves his body or if OBE is just a type of a dream.

So you can’t get SP only once a week, you experience SP every time you fall asleep and dream. On your experiences with OBE’s I can’t tell much because I don’t have experience with them…

thx for the reply!! heres the thing man… i ment i get SP once a week on average… i know when i will have it… and i was laying down and knew that i would… my girlfriend was in the room so i was not afraid… so i CHOSE… to stay aware as my body fell asleep to induce SP… then i knew i would slip out into an OBE… and thats what i did… before ive had OBES … where everything was blurry until i got about five feet from my bed and things became vivid…( lucid drems do nothing of that ) but most of the time i would just float out of my window… i know it is not a dream because im well experienced with lucid dreams… all i do is close my eyes and when i get a little tired… i can use the colors with my eyes closed and make a picture or a scene…aand i pullll myself into a lucid dream… one time… ipulled myself in and i rolled into my dream… when i have OBE from SP… i feel a weird separtion / popping feeling and i start floating straight upward… and plus if it was a lucid dream… i can do anything i want because i am well experienced with them… in this… i could not move… i popped out into an OBE and floated upward only to reach a point to where it felt like i was in complete SP… floating over my girlfriend in an OBE … and i am just so curious

i know what you mean by i experince SP everynight… but i believe there is a difference when you are aware of it… such as aware sleep paralysis… and that is the stage where you can go into an OBE or AP… i am away of SP… it seems atleast once a week… sometimes… five times in one night… but this has never happened… i have no control… in a dream that i am away… i can do anything to get away from what i am fearing and i do not feel the need to breathe because my body is already doing it for me because im in a dream state… but just like in SP… sometimes you are aware of your breathing …and that i was and i couldnt move while stuck to the ceiling and it was exactly like SP… but only out of body and looking over my girlfriend who was on my computer

Oh, my bad. It seemed to me like you were telling that you get SP only once a week… Well, my bad.

So you choose to fall asleep consciously once a week? Like trying to get out of the body once a week, right?

When I’m WILD’ing I do feel what you described as weird separtion / popping feeling and floating straight upward. Once or twice I did float up and it felt like separation but I hit the ceiling and I woke up.

I am sorry but I can’t help you more on the topic. I am trying now and then to leave my body but I’m not successful, yet…

Good luck!

Hi, I just have experienced a few OBE’s. Once I tried to look at my sleeping body.
And someone who I could not see hard-handed woke me up.
It was terrifying. I studied about OBE’s. Second time I rolled out of my sleeping body, did not look at my sleeping body at all and walked into the living room. Third time leaved my house by the front door into another lucid dream scenario
but not at all realistic. My believe is that what you are afraid of will happen.
If you end up by the ceiling and can not move at all it is because you are maybe unaware afraid of. If you trully believe you can just fly outside your home through the window it can and will happen.

DB_FTS… , i dont choose to fall asleep consciously… i do it naturally… all of this stuff … AP… SP. OBE . lucid dreaming… its natural for me for some reason i do not know… YES… there are times im very tired ( which makes SP very easy) and before i sleep i will consciouslly make the decision …ok im going to either lucid dream… or have SP and turn it into an OBE …maybe if im lucky AP… which i have only done once… and yes when you floating out of your body and hit the ceiling it was an OBE… heres what im confused aobut …

what ZOEF said… is an OBE … i used to go into SP… and MENTALLY roll my mind almost as you well… out of my body… i would then float out of my window and see vivid colors… or i would float out my door… i could never get far in an OBE or last long like a lucid dream ( which long is five minutes to me ) … but to ZOEF… exactly… you are onto something… but heres the problem… during SP i have a huge amount of fear… and my girlfirned wakes me up because she knows im expericned enough in it… that when shes around i will moan and slightly move…so that she will wake me up out of it… but sometimes i will just choose to not be scared during SP… becuase i know if i stay calm i can slip out of it into an OBE or AP… ( most likely OBE) … . my point is… i do not beleive fear during an OBE …makes me feel like im in SP… because SP is much scarier…and if i can overcome that and slip into an OBE… then i should be able to slip from my fear into an OBE unto the next phase… or as… i should be able to move during an OBE despite the fear BECAUSE i can slip out of SP …despite the fear… iknow how to calm myself… but during this OBE it was just like SP… could not move…and when i tried it took strength…and it was as if i was in SP… but the thing is… i was already in SP… and i felt the pop …the switch… the change… i conciosully felt my spirit or my consious or whatever pop out of SP… and float slowly towards the ceiling… and when i reached it i was overlooking my girlfriend …and the same fear… and struggle you feel in SP… i felt during an OBE!!! … just confuseddd lol… there are only 10 percent of the world that experience this once in there life and i have crazy weird questions like this , and i need them to be popularized so i can get more answers and we can all figure out whats going on… becuase just like SP… during the OBE … i felt the need to breathe… meaning i am STILL CONNECTED… showing that an OBE is somewhat of a dream… a lucid dream… but AP… i felt nothing like that … showing that its spirit and there really is an afterlife and that what people exerpeince during near death experinces maybe… but thats to deep and this is to longl… im still concerned about my first question then i will move onto others ?? keep talking !!! !! make this topic popular!!

I understand know…
I have to choose to fall asleep consciously because if I just go to sleep I will lose consciousness long before entering SP and therefore I’m loosing a chance for OBE or LD…

I get your confusion. I did and I’m still making a wide research on OBE’s and I’ve read that when we menage to change our vibration frequency of the body then we actually live this plane of existence and enter another one and as we changing this frequency we are moving between astral planes…

I ques that the less we change the frequency the closer we stay with the physical body. And that’s what maybe happened to you. You maybe didn’t “change” the frequency enough and that’s maybe why you felt like you were in the SP while OBE’ing…

It’s hard to actually discuss this topic because it’s more on the personal experience and believe based then on the actual facts… Like with dreams interpretation is the key, how you interpret your experience is actually how you will experienced it…


I have a question. You said that my experience is OBE. But why did I woke up when I hit ceiling? Why I just didn’t pass through?!

ya the frequencies do make some sense… my main question and well , thought, curiousity… . considering the answers in the air… is regardless of frequencies, i had similar experiences during an OBE as i do in SP… and the time that i astral projected , none of those thoughts were on my mind… so im thinking… LD SP OBE , are all connected in a way and a part of dream , while astral projection is the only true leaving of body and thats what happens in near death experiences… during the OBE…i felt the need to breathe… meaning… although i am floating… i relaize i need to breathe to live… and i felt myself breathing as just in SP… and was frozen… during AP… i was in SP… i physically watched my arm come out of my arm… one arm was see through lol… and i got yanked out and it was just awesome… so my interest that im getting at is… OBE and LD might be linked as in the category of they are types of dreams… but i beleive AP is complelty leaving the body … and to your question… even during LDs you can not pass through a wall if you dont beleive… but your qestion is what im curious about as well… i have had OBES where i pass right through my window and go outside… .but i as well… am floating upwards and getting stuck to ceiling or waking up… why are we not passing through like i used to through my window? ? it feels so hard to mentally move yourslef in that state sometimes… the answer might be we need to relax more while in this state and try to control it,… you most likely had an OBE… if you came from SP and just floated upwards and you know what a LD feels like… ( because you can tell a difference )…then you had an OBE

Look at the OBE4U website for your questions. There are 10 interesting video’s available and a free guide book.

I was going to say the same thing. In fact, OBE4u teaches you that OBEs, lucid dreams, astral projection etc. are all the same phenomenon. It’s just that people are calling it by different names.

Meanwhile, the phenomenon, which can be entered before during and after sleep, is a hybrid state combining REM sleep and consciousness. Two mechanisms of the brain that, once they work in harmony, provide the stage for lucid dreaming, OOBEs and other dissociative experiences. That’s why they call it the “phase state”.

Yamatt, I believe that if you get into a state of SP while you are trying to OBE/AP then you should treat it like you would a normal unwanted SP. The number one way to break out of unwanted SP is to relax and breathe deeply. The breath makes your body realise that you are still able to move. The worst thing to do in a situation like this is panic, it will definitely lead to you loosing control. Just breathe, tell yourself you are in control, and remember that it is your body and you are able to do what you want.

astral projection, a practice to induce a obe, out of the body experience
what many people do not seem to know, is that in the actual astral projection subject, sleep paralysis isnt even mentioned in the subject well the term isnt but its known as astral catalepsy, my advice: you were close to your body so, you could feel some what physically aswell, i have read in good books
the closer you are to your body, the more tugging and pulling your gonna feel towards your physical body, so get away from your physically and you will see the difference, even vividness increases for your being more atunned to your astral body/environment/senses.

Astral projection: A record of out-of-the-body experiences by Oliver Fox

this book was great, it was written way back, oliver experienced lucid dreaming aswell but he didnt use the term lucid, he used his own dreams of knowledge

the projection of the astral body by sylvan muldoon

it was this book that oliver fox learnt all his knowledge from, it is a very good book!

just a little side note, sleep paralysis is scientific explanation and astral projection is an occult practice, any astral projection book that has sleep paralysis mentioned in it, the information is surely and could be misinformation.
there is not much information left on astral catalepsy, but the books are still existing thank god! i relay on my memory more then anything, it reminds me of the old old days, when the people would go crazy and burn book after book, it reminds me of that! well people arent dumb enough these days, but they are dumb enough to believe what they are told is true, just be careful

and btw, you have to be in astral catalepsy/sleep paralysis to have a obe!!!