Sleep paralysis help for first time?

Hello, this is my first post on the forum, so sorry if anything seems out of place!

I have only just begun to start lucid dreaming practising, and I hope to be there soon. I know that if you use the WILD technique, you can sometimes accidentally fall into sleep paralysis, and I am not going to WILD for a while, at least until I get better at it.

I’m probably going to do the RC in a dream technique, because it seems to be advertised for beginners :smile: ! I was wondering though, that if you have a lucid dream through using this technique, if it’s possible to wake up and be in sleep paralysis?

I mean like you suddenly become lucid, then you get excited or something, then wake up. Will you be paralysed and see hallucinations?

I am quite scared of these hallucinations because a few years ago, I had a few bad run-ins with hallucinating. Not by using drugs or anything (I have never taken anything illegal and won’t ever), but I just woke up one night, about 11PM or 2AM, after going to bed really early at about 6PM, and started seeing scary things.

They weren’t as vivid as what people describe SP to be, and I could move.

So is it possible to be in SP after waking from RCing in a dream? If it is, do you know a way to make it be over quicker?

This article topic has useful info on this 9 Ways to Wake Up From Sleep Paralysis (By Ryan Hurd)
I wouldn’t let the fear of a slight chance of SP happening worry you.