sleep paralysis induction?

is there a handy technique to induce sleep paralysis without having to wait for 3 hours?

Why would you want to induce sleeo paralysis? When going through WILD you might not even necesseraily feel SP

I don’t think there’s is a technique that works everytime, but sleeping with a light on, on your back, during a nap may “help” it… :content:

well, first of all i’d like to experience it(i’m weird i know) and second of all, it seems much easier to have an LD from a state of SP

Eh—but in SP you’re not even dreaming! :shock: That’s the whole point of it! :razz: (You’re always paralyzed when you’re dreaming, what we call SP is being paralyzed AND awake.)

well, that’s MY point, in SP you actually fulfilled WILD right? your BODY is asleep but your MIND is still awake, that’s how you can go into an LD directly(right? if not i just want to experience it :razz:)

lol, wrong, but nice thought. :content: Your body is not asleep, you’re paralyzed. Go try it anyway!

then when is it asleep??

SP just means your brain doesnt send messages to your body like it normaly would. And I’d like to try SP too :smile:

Um. I thought SP was a result of certain chemicals or something being released so that one doesn’t actually act out their dreams. I remember during SP sometimes, I want to move, and I feel like I can move a very little bit, but after that, I’m stopped by the paralysis. Also, I could still move my fingers and eyelids in SP perfectly fine.

Um. I thought SP was a result of certain chemicals or something being released so that one doesn’t actually act out their dreams.


Yes. It’s thought to be due to a part of your brain called the pons releasing chemicals that inhibit the nerves and make it impossible to move. Experiments have been done where the pons has been removed from an animals brain causing them to act out their dreams.

Sirius, if you can’t go into sleep paralysis from a waking state, why don’t you try autosuggestion and try to wake up into SP. That way you won’t have to wait hours you can just go straight into SP.

Does SP go hand in hand with vivid HI?

Whenever I’ve experienced SP I’ve normally been under a lot of stress and havn’t had a decent nights sleep in a while. It’s really unpleasant. The last time it happened I could feel someone squeezing my chest, it felt like I was being suffocated.

Don’t know if that’s any help.

Yes, especially if you don’t know what SP is and it happens without you actively wanting it. The feeling of beingn stuck and a pressure on your chest which are normal during SP can (together with the subconscious increased prescence in an SP) force forward pretty horrible hallucinations. Some even say that that is where the term “night-mare” comes from (an “old hag” visiting you, sitting on your chest etc)

But it’s nothing to be afraid of if you know that it’s only your mind letting go of the body

I find the SP experiences I’ve had are actually quite enjoyable. Usually it’s just a feeling of immobalization. It also tickles, lol.

It’s also enjoyable to get SP in lucid dreams, lol. You have the perfect situation to enjoy yourself, but you go into SP and curse the world, haha.

100! Argh! lol

Not exactly sure about that. The only hallucinations I’ve had during SP was hallucinations of light (randomly seeing white light/seeing my door open with light coming from outside, etc.).

According to the guy at SP is an easy way of achieving LD/OBE. The technique he recommends is to stare at the ceiling while imagining that gravity pulls you down into the bed and out of your body. Then roll to one side, and you should be free to roam.