Sleep Paralysis Induction?

Welcome back me!

After so long, i had left ld4all. Probably about 3 months or more, i left about the month february and just came back. Since i was at school, i didn’t have enough willpower to ld, so i was in a lucid trance spell. But back then i used to research a lot on ld’ing and then i showed it to my teachers. This was how i won a ‘Jack Petchey’ award so i could thank you guys only for that!

Now i’m back, enabling desktop notifs so i remember to come here everyday and here’s my question:

I’ve only had sp once, that was when i was scrolling through ld4all on sp and i read a lot about it. It spooked me enough not to do it because i was worried about the ‘demons’ and all sorts. But my brain shut me down and i went to sleep. A few hours i wake up, and am not able to move. As you know, this is already a sign of sp, and i hear heavy breathing. This made me scared. But then i asked myself, “why bother?” I realised i was in sp at that exact moment, and had done enough research to find out that it might be the fact that you’re half awake and asleep. Or you’re tricking your body into sleeping and it shuts you off into your fears, or dreams. Let’s admit it, not all sp could be scary, could it?

I had a friend who never had ld’s before, and he had sp a few days ago, we were walking to school about him and i told him all i knew and not to worry about it. But now i realised that it might be way easier for me to induce ld’s through sp. And the feeling of confronting my fears through sp is justg amazing, even if its just a minute or such. So mu question is, is there a real way to induce sp?:

  • I’ve heard that when waking up during one of your REM cycles, you stay still and keep your eyes shut. This way you enter sp.

  • Then to enter OOBE or AP, you picture yourself rolling out of your body or climbing up a rope, which i always feel as if im floating on. I easily get distracted when climbing though so next time i might just picture rolling out

Now im just needing help with the 1st one. Is this the most common and effective way or is there no common way except for yourself to find out? I only got sp a few hours afteras i researched about t at night

for the 2nd one, perhaps a little help could be appreciated, thanks!