Sleep Paralysis; my first experience

Hey everyone,

Well tonight I had a lucid dream, (gonna write it in my DJ soon) and I woke somewhere from it. I usually when waking from LD’s just chain back to dream again but this time I felt something different. I thought it might have been an FA. I opened my eyes, and viewed over my room. Suddenly I got this hallucination of a miniature roman chariot wagon rolling by me and I felt my muscles and nerves being very tense in my entire body. It was a very strange feeling. I could not move either, at least I think so, until about ten seconds later, when the tension dropped and I went back to sleep. Was this a sleep paralysis or just something else?

Had you woken up after this experience, I would have said it was a sleep paralysis. Now, as you went back to sleep, it looks more like a FA influenced by SP accounts. It’s my feeling but I’m unsure.

He probably had SP and just went back to sleep.

I don’t really have much experience, but judging from what you said I’d say that it was sleep paralysis. Oftentimes hallucinations are present so the thing with the Roman Chariot is consistent with Sleep Paralysis.

Hmmm. not really sure, but that’s my guess :neutral:

Hard to say… It seems like some people experience SP in a different way. I myself cannot mistake the SP experience as it also feels like a very different state. I also usually feel a kind of sinking feeling, feel a electrical surge sensation going through my body and often hear the sound of something blowing in my ears.

Yeah it was SP. If you dont try and force yourself out of it youll just fall back asleep. I always had trouble doing that though because as soon as Id realize that I was paralyzed my first response was fear and a struggle to get out. This, coupled with some unpleasant hallucinations, was really unsettling. I got over it though and now I just laugh at the hallucinations when they come and they go away.

well at first it sounded like ‘the old hag’ but with a chariot… at first hehe. no clue as to if it was SP :razz: soz

I’m jealous, I really want to experience SP. I’d rather skip the whole old hag thing, but iI’d put up with it.

One of my most successful WILD experiences happened this morning after I had woken up from one of my longer dreams. After I woke up I decided to try a WILD before doing MILD and going back to sleep. So I got comfortable and let my mind wonder (seems to work for me), after about 5 minutes or so I brought my thoughts back to performing the WILD. Around this time I began to start hearing voices and I soon started repeating the words “sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy” over and over again in my head. About 3 minutes later I began to feel my covers being pulled off of me. I look up and at the edge of my bed I see a shadowy figure sitting in a rocking chair. I yelled and woke up. After realizing what had just happened I kinda got mad at myself for not realizing fully what was happening. The feeling I had of the covers being pulled off was the feeling of SP setting in and my body didn’t realize it, so I assumed that the shadowy figure was part of my imagination. About 40 minutes later I woke up and got ready for school. I’m going to try it again tonight and see what happens, I hope I make some progress.