Sleep Paralysis - Old Hag/Incubus - change its appearance?

I’ve had lots of experiences with hypnagogic hallucinations, and have experienced all kinds of weird stuff including this “incubus” phenomenon. I’ve had strange experiences that go along with the incubus / succubus psychological phenomena

But last night was probably the scariest experience I’ve ever had.

Let me be clear. I do not believe in the supernatural. I know all of my experiences are dream-like hallucinations. I don’t want anyone to think I believe in “demons” and the like.

I had three remarkable SP/Old Hags this morning:
The first was a hulking, bull-like line-backer-like entity charging at me in my room.

The second was some kind of space-suit-wearing or armored alien, either sitting on me or hovering over me in bed, aggressively clawing at me with Wolverine-like claws, as I had dream sheets over my head.

But the third was SCARY. A male demon-like creature slid into bed with me, close to my face, staring right into my eyes. The creature’s face was moderately repulsive with glowing eyes. It’s face was changing around in repulsive ways - right out of some twisted horror movie.

It had a very deep voice and was touching my face. I remember feeling my cheek muscles twitching right where this “demon” was touching my face. My impression was that it was examining my face or admiring me with sinister intent.

When I closed my “dream eyes” I could still feel the demon touching me and could still hear it talking to me and even breathing on me (I sleep with an oscillating fan on so that probably explains the breathing)

My normal response to an Old Hag is to be aggressive back verbally (through thought of course - I know it’s pointless trying to move), either telling it to “go away” or to “f-off”. The demon started swearing back at me - I really felt threatened.

Then it said “good-bye” to me - but in a threatening way. I felt it was telling me good-bye as in it was going to do something to me. Then the dream faded.

My question to you all is this: I don’t mind these incubus entities visiting me and trying to “do things” with me (it’s all a dream after all - albeit a very scary, vivid one). Does anyone have any tips or tricks for making the incubus or succubus physically attractive? I don’t want to be doing anything with an ugly demon creature, but if it were a pleasant looking human then I have no qualms.

Does anyone have any experience with this and has been able to change the appearance of an Old Hag? Is this something that can be controlled given it’s all coming from my brain?

The SP/HI stage is very suggestive, and the images can change rapidly and respond to my own thoughts. Unfortunately, I have never had them change positively, but then again, I have never tried. It is more a case of “what you expect is what you get”.

This sounds like an interesting thing to try though, I’ll try the next time I get SP. Maybe the stranger sneaking up to my bed with the pillow can be changed into a harmless animal.