Sleep Paralysis problem

Hi everyone, I would like if some of more experienced lucid dreamers could give me a bit of advice on my SP problem
So, this morning I tried the WILD-WBTB technique, and it worked well in the beginning… I had images flash in front of my eyes, heard random voices etc. But when SP started, it was very unsettling. It was not that I was scared or anything, like you may assume, but it almost physically hurt me.
My ears felt like they will explode, I had a feeling there’s electricity going through my whole body to the point it actually hurt. I couldn’t stand it, and I started moving and woke myself up… and this isn’t a first time this thing happened to me, but it was definitely most intense.
I had maybe 2-3 successful WILD attempts, and I would have many more if it wasn’t that intense… Many people have trouble being scared about this, and I have a problem because it hurts to the point my body HAS to move… I guess you can’t always get everything right…

So, does this have anything to do with my sleeping position, or should I just ignore the pain, although it is highly distracting :grrr:
Any advice?

Hi Assassin :smile:

As far as I know is SP not dangerous and I suppose you know that. I don’t like the SP either, it doesn’t hurt or “sucks” as much as yours but I decided to avoid it :wink:
What is your sleeping position by the way? The most comfy for me is lying on my back, hands beside my body, not on my belly or chest because sometimes it feels like they get heavy (don’t ask me why, maybe I was always dreaming at this point). I skipp the SP by paying attention to the Hynagogic Images you described. You could also focuse on the noises you hear. To concentrate yourself to this could make it possibel to skip the SP. If you pay attention to the Images you could enter at some point the image and you are in your dream. That worked for me only once maybe you are more successful.
What you could also do is to leave your body when you concentrate on the noises and vibrations. Most of the time I’ve been already dreaming when noises become very loud and vivid. At this point I am able to leave my body like an out-of-body-experience. I roll out of my bed and entered fully a lucid dream :tongue:

That was the only thing I could come up to help you, to avoid and skip the SP when it’s so uncomfy for you. I hope I was a little help to you :smile:

Best regards

Interesting, I’ve had SP quite a few times but never experienced any pain. The only sort of similar experience I have is when I did WILD without doing WBTB I felt my heart pounding in my chest really fast and it took away the paralysis.

Perhaps you are waiting in SP too long? If you can hear voices or are seeing images then that’s the perfect opportunity to enter a dream. Imagine that the voice is a dream character telling you something, or visualise the dream you want to enter and jump on in.