Sleep paralysis question--PLEASE HELP

Hello fellow LDers!

So, I’ve read in numerous places that to be good at WILDing, one needs to meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. By meditating, I mean just sitting/lying still and concentrating on your breathing. I tried this yesterday to help me prepare for WILD that night (or last night). I was able to concentrate very well for 5 minutes.

That night, after I had slept 5 hours, I woke up at 6:30-ish and proceeded to do WILD. I did a good job of focusing my attention on my breathing and my body went numb, but not paralyzed (I think). My heartbeat sped up so much to the point where I felt like I was out of breath just trying to keep up, in other words it was labored breathing. I felt like I was on the threshold and relaxed as much as I could, but after a few minutes, this passed. I tried to concentrate on my breathing again to WILD, but I just couldn’t do it. Btw, the entire time, I saw no hypnogogic imagery, which was weird.

Did this mean that I was close to having SP or WILD? :help:

I think so. The same stuff has been happening to me, so I guess we have to work on keeping calm!

WILD takes a lot of practice for most people though, so don’t get discouraged.

Agreed. It’s hard sometimes cuz I’m so excited to get into my LD! lol I have done WILD on purpose and accidently maybe 15 times in my life. I don’t know why it is such a problem NOW. :content: Just curious, but how many WILDs have you done in your life?

According to what I think I’ve heard, WILD seems to be the hardest of all the techniques. I have tried it countless times, because sometimes I have nothing better to do while I wait to fall asleep. Only once I got relaxed. I need to learn meditation, at which I really suck.

LOL! All you really need to do is just meditate for at least five minutes every day. Just concentrate on your breathing. You WILL get better.

WILD may be the hardest, but it is the most acid-trippy thing I’ve ever experienced in my life! :woo: :content:

Only one (I think) on accident a few years ago. It was the weirdest feeling ever.

It def is weird! Well, I tried WILD again last night, no go. Same deal as last time. I concentrated on my breathing, was relaxed, heart sped up a mile a second, etc. Whenever my heart speeds up, I’m never like, “OMG, what’s going on?!” What the hell am I doing wrong? This is getting frustrating. I KNOW I’m relaxing.

Are there tricks to making your body fall asleep? I heard when you feel close to SP, that you need to roll your eyes in the back of your head to trick your body into falling asleep. Are there any other tips to push my danged body along to hitting SP? :help:

yeah, that best LD’ers I’ve I now of are masters at meditation :happy:

I keep forgetting or losing motivation. I need to get back into it. I’ve already seen small differences with the little meditation I’ve done, so it’s sure worth it.

And yes, that feeling is supposed to be when you’re entering a WILD, although I’ve WILD’ed many times without feeling that. And HI isn’t 100% necessary either :wink:

Ohhhhh! lol Thanks mattias! That is very good to know. So, do you have any idea why I keep getting out of slipping into SP? I’m thinking I was TOO aware. Looking back, I thought I was “foggy” enough to go into SP, but I guess not. I had read somewhere in the forums that one needs to have the tiniest bit of focus, not too much. Guess that takes practice.

yeah, I don’t know :sad: I don’t have that much experience with WILD. Most of my WILD’s are kinda accidental. Some times I just find myself in the right state and think “whata… oh ok!” and just try to be passively aware as I enter a dream. A few times nothing happens and I lose it all, and sometimes I get in. I’m not realy sure why, probably just luck for me :razz: But I’m sure being able to keep a totally clear mind will do wonders to WILD.

Hello all. Lately Ive been trying WILD, but everytime I do it Im getting this heart pounding and I cant take a breath. I just cant come down and I feel like im on a single step of lucidity :sad: The only time that I think that Ive become lucid was for a few seconds and I heard this freaky buzzling noise. Anyway if you have some way to deal with this…excitement…share pls

Hey there! Yes, you are very close, but I think this is definite progress. Some people can’t stand to be still for long, and I can tell that you are a patient person. :wink: The buzzing noise is normal. Most LDers have this. It’s nothing to be concerned about. You are just conscious for the first time falling asleep. If you ignore it and tell yourself (mentally) that this is normal, it will almost always pass! :cool: