Sleep paralysis question

Hello! I’ve had a major event last night. It was like I entered sleep paralysis except not… Let me explain further;
First of all, I enter sleep paralysis every night before I actually go to sleep, I feel the pressure on my back, I can move and it will come back but eventually go away, general sleep paralysis signs. But this was very different.
Theirs nothing in my room, usually there is a dog in my room and when she itches or moves her little bed I can feel it shake the bed, tonight there was no dog in my room however I woke up in the middle of the night to the bed shaking as if she where, it was the same exact feeling. I turned on the light and there was no one there, I thought it was like sleep paralysis but here’s where it gets weird. The moment I closed my eyes , the EXACT moment I closed my eyes, I entered an extremely vivid and realistic dream of me in a house that I didn’t recognize walking around a corner and the second I walked past the corner a man ran at me, I turned away and ran to my bed, then he jumped on me and I woke up. This dream only lasted about 10 seconds.

Any idea what that was all about? I’ve never had that happen before and would appreciate some input.

My guess is that you had an FA, false awakening. I’d say you dreamt that you woke up. Did you happen to do an RC on awakening? This is just my 2 cents.

So, FA, close eyes and dream change, back to bed, True Awakening.
Just a guess based on your info.

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Thanks for your reply. But, I awake, get up turn on the light. This has been going for 25 yrs. It is scary sometimes and I can let it go at other times. I usually am in control except for last night. I have feeling of some one leaning on my back. Pressure till I turn over. I can see people in my ceiling when I look up. One came to me angry and was acting like it was going to bit my faced but it Hisses. I am not crazy. I turn on the light and lay there telling myself if is fine. I have a job that is respective. But I wonder is this normal?