Sleep Paralysis Question...

After I started to learn lucid dreaming I also noticed a tremendous increase in the amount of sleep paralysis I experienced. I only used to get it about once every three months and now I get it about twice a week. I don’t even induce it, it just happens. I try to use this to have lucid dreams but it doesn’t always work and sometimes I wake up completely during it. I was just wondering if any of you got a large increase in the frequency of sleep paralysis episodes when you were learning to lucid dream. :sleeping:

I wish.
I’ve never got to experience SP. It would be interesting to have it a few times just so I can understand more about what it is. The closest I think I’ve came to SP was last week. I was trying for a WILD and noticed I was getting close, I was going to see if I could start moving my dream body so I tried opening my eyes. My real eyes opened but only half way and I had double-vision. It lasted only a half-second because then I re-arranged my physical body and tried again.

When you have SP, do you try to move and are not able to? I seem to always be able to “break the mold” and move instantly. I think SP would be fun to play around with. :smile:

I’m pretty much the same as DreamAddict. The instant I wake up I am able to move as quickly as I like, which may be useful one day to escape from a potentially dangerous situation. However I have on occasion experienced SP while attempting WILD. I could willingly remove it, but it would require cancelling my progression. That’s about the closest I have come to conscious SP.

I have been able to witness the very moment when the paralysis is removed though. Often when I am very lightly dreaming (usually when returning to sleep in the morning for no longer than 30 minutes), I might have a sudden dream in which I am falling from a bike, or in some way about to hit something.

If I try to prevent myself from falling I find that I can’t move my arms or legs. Then, when I suddenly awake (and CAN move myself freely again) I generally smack my hand into the wall and spend the rest of the day at work unable to type properly. Well designed aren’t we? :grin:

In my first LD I tried to move my body IRL but it I couldn’t. I panicked because I felt trapped.

One thing I realize is that moving within a dream is identical to waking life. I became lucid once and I was ‘thinking’ myself moving around, but later realized I don’t have to imagine myself to do something, I can actually get up and do it! When I woke up I felt no different walking around than in the dream. It’s true when they say your brain ‘rewires’ itself so you don’t actually move your real body. Good thing for SP.

:happy: That’s funny. That reminds me of some dreams I’ve had. One was of someone annoying me, so I turned around and punched him…I thought. :bored: It was the wall next to me. I’ve also kicked the window next to my bed once. It was so loud that I was surprised it didn’t break. :shy:

Same here, but if I want to wake up and move my real body, I can practically snap my fingers and be awake in seconds.

I know that I do have SP, or else I would be a sleepwalker or something. Despite what I mention above, I’ve never sleptwalked. But I don’t seem to “get caught” in SP like I hear others mention it.

I am plaqued with the “old hag syndrome” though that others claim accompanies SP. I have hundreds of cases of waking up and hearing someone in my room. Or in some cases actually felt them, or I just “sensed” their presence in the room. Once I open my eyes the sensations are gone. I explain this to myself as HH. Just this morning I had 2 cases of this. I woke up and was laying their with my head under the covers. I seen a hand reach under my covers so I grabbed it, as soon as I started to grasp it the hand quickly pulled back. We have house guest so this didn’t startle me, but I quickly pulled the covers back to see my empty room with my door locked. I laughed and turned back over to get more rest. I then woke up shortly after that. I heard someone walking around my bed and stand over my head. I heard their breath and could hear other sounds. I tried to open my eyes quickly so I would “catch” them. As soon as I opened my eyes my room grew completely quiet. It was an odd feeling, It was like the power went off and everything goes quiet. Again this was just amusing and not scary, I’m use to things like this involving sleep.

If I experienced this presence while I was “paralyzed” it would probably scare the ■■■■ out of me, so I can kinda understand the fears of SP. However, it intrigues me so I wish I could experience it fully.

So to answer 8-Bit Fury’s question. My answer would be 50/50. I don’t have SP, but I do have an increase in the strange phenomena that occurs during the ebb and flow of sleep. It has all been enjoyable experiences though. :smile:

Thats interesting, I didn’t realize that SP was such a rare thing to experience. I too have experienced the “Old Hag” syndrome. It used to scare the crap out of me when I was little and didn’t know what it was but now that I know and understand it I can usually deal with it easily. :wink:

I experienced exactly the same thing when i started getting in LDing… Used to get SP bout twice a week, it was awesome… i think it just happens when mind is concentrating on LDing so much

mark down another for increased SP after learning to LD

I also got more SPs after learning LDing. Strange thing this is :eh:

Does anyone know of a good book focusing only on Sleep Paralysis?
Any help would be appriciated. :smile:

mmm I wish I had more often sp!
But no I dont have it more often since i have lds…to bad…its a great level to induse hypnosis from or wild…yep!


Well, it’s not that rare at all. 6-10% of the population experiences this.