Sleep paralysis then several false awakenings?

Hi. I have had one lucid dream before this. So last night, I stayed up till about 1 AM, then decided to close my eyes while waiting for someone to reply to me on Instagram. I ended up falling into sleep paralysis. It was the freakiest thing I’ve ever felt. I couldn’t move at all. I saw a skeleton like creature holding me down. And you know when your pulse is going really fast and you hear that sound like air in your ears? I heard that, but much louder. I did some things like scrunching up my face to get out of it, then when I opened my eyes the world looked all red, so I closed my eyes again. I was back in the sleep paralysis, unable to move. I’m not sure if I ever really got out if it. I screamed help, but nothing came out.ew I decided to try and fall asleep during it, and when I did that, I woke up. Well I thought I woke up. I woke into a dream where I was waking up from my bed, in my room. It didn’t feel exactly like reality, and then I became lucid. I was nervous and didn’t want to enjoy my lucid dream because of fear. I walked out of my bedroom and my mother was telling my stepfather that he could not wear a helmet. I walked up to her, and it felt real enough that I wanted to treat her like a living thing. I told her to believe me and that I was her daughter in another world. She just said “You’re kidding me, right?” and laughed. So I went back to my room in the dream and laid down, thinking that if I fell asleep in the dream I would wake up in real life. That did not work. I woke up in my room again, and stayed lucid. My tablet was next to me and I went on youtube on it, then decided against it, and just laid down to try and sleep in dream/wake up for real again. I woke up in a different room, I thought I was really awake this time, but facing the wall in my bedroom. Then I turned around and saw my room was large and there was a pair of double doors. I was terrified because I thought I could never escape this dream, so I began pounding on the doors. Then my tablet appeared on the bed, and I typed music in that I wanted to listen to on Youtube, to help me fall asleep. I spelled it wrong and whenever I backspaced the letters would become monkeys that would shrink and disappear. I started to type again, then woke up for real. There was spit all over the place like I had been drooling, and my throat was so dry that it hurt badly, as if I had been choking. I called my mother over and spoke to her about it, she said I smelled like sweat. When I was telling her about it I actually got teary because remembering the fear was scary.

Any thoughts on this?

saw this on reddit just now, check it out and see if it helps you or anyone else

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this is an old one but how can people leave this post alone?!

it sounds like fun, dont fear it, its a new experience thats all. i had a run of a few false awakening myself, it got so real that eventually i found myself using a technique to up my lucidity while i was actually already awake believing this is a false awakening xD

you probably sweat a lot because you were very afraid in the dream, there is a correlation between the two, the pain in your neck was probably because you managed to strain your neck muscles while in SP from trying to move.

going to sleep in a dream… never thought of that…