Sleep Paralysis Usefulness

Alright, so i’ve already talked about using sleep paralysis as a gateway into lucid dreaming, however, i’m wondering if i’m taking the long and painful route of something really simple. What i’ll do, is induce a hypnogogic state that will eventually lead into sleep paralysis. Then, i’ll use that to lead into a vivid dream state, which can be enhanced into a lucid state with enough effort, and eventually into a full lucid dream. Is this method effective, are there corners i could be cutting? this has been the most effect method for me, so i want to know if i can improve it.

Hey, if it works for you, fantastic! Keep working at it, even modify it to make it work better. Once you’ve got it down pat, let us all know so we can have a go lol some people (like me) like to try different methods because we haven’t yet found something that suits us.

I do have a couple questions about how you do it though. One, do you purposefully induce the hypnagogic state? Two, is there something you do to stop yourself from losing lucidness throughout the method?

i enter the hypnagogic state through meditation. Laying on my back, and clearing my mind until the only thing i can focus on is my breathing. once my mind is clear, i relax every muscle in my body individually, starting at my feet; once this is achieved, i focus on the darkness behind my eyelids, until i feel my body begin to go numb(usually in my hands or legs) i shift my focus to the numbness in my body, and soon after it feels as though my body is being lifted off my bed. From here, i can make my body go to sleep, while my mind stays awake, and i can force myself into sleep paralysis.

as for trying to keep my lucidity, i struggle to remember to rub my hands together, or anything like that, while i’m not conscious.

Interesting, sounds like you’re a WILDing natural :cool: . Reminds me of how I used to do meditation to clear my head so it was easier to relax and get to sleep. I’ll have to train myself to work the meditation differently so that it doesn’t put me to sleep >.>

hey guys ive got some question, lately ive been having an issue on trying to do WILD…
I used to do this without problems, but now i seem to get stuck at sleep paralysis… any tips on how to get past those dreadful moments? and of course, do a WILD afterward

Hi TheEnd. You would have to go more in depth to your problem, like what the reason is you can’t get past sleep paralysis. You should make a new thread for your question so you can get more assistance :smile:

My own experiences with WILD thought me that experimentation and keeping it simple is what makes the WILD possible.

Also sometimes you need to be brave, take illogical steps and you will end up with great results.

WILD is very tricky because it’s to personal experience to compare it with 2 individuals or more, what may apply to you may not apply to me. And that’s it. It’s that simple.

So I can explain to you my ways or you can explain your ways to me but at the end it won’t matter because they will not apply to each other ways. We are different and that’s the truth! Some things might help you but there will always be something, some little thing, some cue that is missing to achieve WILD, that why we need to experiment on our own and let things happen in their natural way…

By the way congrats on awesome success and progress! You are doing some awesome work RaveTheDayAway! :content:

thanks for the feedback, it’s much appreciated, and has been very helpful

Glad I could help. :content: