sleep paralysis: why and how to get there

I keep trying to get to sleep paralysis during the day so that I could lucid dream or astral project at any time but I keep having this issue. Here is what I did. First I lay on my bed and find a comfortable position, then I sit perfectly still and feel the positions of all my muscles and start relaxing them, I concentrate on my breathing, my heartbeat, an imaginary point in space or whatever and after A half an hour my body feels electrical pulses going through it. For me though the electrical pulses vibrate my actual physical body and cause my muscles to spasm like I am having a seizure. Does anyone know how to get past this point without getting up because it is far too uncomfortable? please relate your method, experiences, and results. Please help me to get past this point :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:

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I always get sleep paralysis and absolutely hate it! I k ow I’m awake but can’t move and it makes me anxious, I’ve also had the seizure feeling you’re talking about and thought I was dying! I’ve read a few posts today about people trying to get into it though… Can you explain why? I always get it bad when I havent slept well x

To get sleep paralysos,i heard that when you wake up from a dream,train yourself to stay still,do not open your eyes,do not open anything,you will slowly then enter SP

Hope this helped! :nodnodwinkwink: