Sleep Paralysis?

when you get sleep paralysis what do u do to get lucid, what happens to me is I just stay paraliesed till i fall asleep :confused: . Whats up with that, like do u have to imagine something like dive into a mirror, how do u get to the dream world from sleep paralysis, im using the WILD method and its working up untill their. What should i do to step into the lucid world and when u step into it where do u end up, the desert? the city? the mountains?

Haven`t got anything to trow in , sorry.

Wasiting for answers myself :wink:

there is a large topic about sp here

I believe some try to “roll out of their body” inorder to enter the dream world.

Or you just can imagine a rope hanging from ceiling and taking it with your dream hands and pull your dream body out from your physical body by the help of that rope.

I suffer from paralysis on a regular basis, and one way of getting out of the attack is to go lucid. I either float or roll out of my body and fly through the window, or do the spinning technique. Hope this helps you.

Sue x