Sleep Paralysis

Hey guys, I have a question. I am new to lucid dreaming, never had one until now but I’m working on it. I am writing a dream journal, even though this is only my first week I managed to write about 3 dreams or fragments, they are generally pretty short.

The problem I have is with my sleeping position. I’m trying not to move while still keeping conscious and repeting myselft to remember my dreams. However after a time my body becomes really ichy and my right leg toes start to twich. Most of the times when I stay for too long it gets really painful as well and it forced me to move.

My question is, how do I stop this twiching in my toes because they always make me aware of my body and make my WILD attempt useless. Am I perhaps staying in this state for too long?

Hello Kraska, Welcome to Ld4all!

What you are experiencing when you attempt to WILD is very common. I also experience itching/tingling during this phase of WILD and it can be uncomfortable. I always thought of this as your body “testing” to see if you are still awake or not. If you move, you are telling your body that you’re still awake, and therefore, you break the WILD process. The goal with WILD is to “trick” your body into thinking your asleep even though your mind is still awake.

Essentially what I am saying is, try to ignore these feelings because it’s all in your head. Don’t believe me? Try focusing on moving the tingling sensation and you should be able to. If you focus hard enough on something else (ie. your breathing) it should go away all together.

You also mentioned that you are just a beginner. If your still having troubles with WILD I suggest trying a less advance method such as DILD, WBTB, MILD , etc. People generally have more success with these methods when first trying to lucid dream. Just a thought!

Hopefully you have found this helpful. Anymore questions, just ask. :smile:


Thank you Jer,

I have read an article about sleep paralysis and indeed the twiching and iching is part of the brain’s testing of the body. Our brains don’t like it when we trick them :smile: . My problem is that after a while it actually gets painful to stay in the same position without moving so I was thinking that maybe I was doing something wrong.

Actually I was not seriously trying to have a WILD, I’m only trying to improve my visualisation skills. Actually my hypnagogia is pretty weak, if that’s possible, especially the shapes and patterns part, they are always weak and blury.

Also doesn’t breathing too strong affect the WILD? I feel that my chest is always expanding a lot more, probably I’m just more aware of it.

During my first month of having really good lucid dreaming as I experienced sleep paralysis. It was not too bad and only lasted a few seconds but it was a very weird feeling and I would hate if that started happening regularly to me :eek: