Sleep problems making it hard to LD?

I am about a week into my LD journey and have started my dream journal and such. I am also doing a ton of reality checks. My problem is I have a lot of problems sleeping. I either sleep a whole lot, or hardly. This stops me from doing MILD cause if I wake up I have hardly any chance to wake up.

Is this going to hurt my chance to LD a lot? Right now my dream recall is off and on and I’m hopeing that isn’t my sleep problems interfering with it.

Thanks for reading


I think it might only matter for certain methods… but it won’t hurt your chance to LD. Most of the LD’s I have had happened randomly and unintentionally, reality checks are really good because they increase that random chance. So if you keep it up you will get there eventually.

If you don’t get much sleep and are very tired during the day, try LD inducing methods with napping. It is worth a try, it has already worked very well for me a few times. :cool: It has the huge advantage that you can dream right away, without going through all the sleep phases - 30 mins of napping may be enough. No idea why this works, but it does.

If you sleep too much, that is also not too bad. Just try to wake up a few times in between and use WBTB or “chaining” techniques.