Sleep timer

First off… I find it very hard to put words on these thoughts… But it’s bugging me so I have to try. Having said that, it’s even harder to know what keyword to search for, so I haven’t gotten the results I want…

How long can you be awake for the body to still “remember” that you have slept and doesn’t reset the “counter” for hours you need to sleep?
For example if you usually sleep 8h, which I do, and wake up after 6h for some reason and you go up and do something, pee or have a snack or whatever and then go back to bed. Does the body “know” that you only need two more hours of sleep and will continue the sleep-cycle where it ended with the closer and longer REM intervals?
Lets say I stay up for an hour or two before going to bed for the last two hours of sleep… will the body start the intervals from the beginning and think you need eight hours of sleep all over again? Or how does it work?

Hard to understand? Hard to explain!

Secondly, I have a tendency to wake up just a few minutes before my alarm clock. It doesn’t matter how much I’ve slept or when it’s set to go off. It’s not the same time every day either.
It was the same when I was going to school and my mom woke me up every morning. Just a few minutes before she came to wake me up, I woke up by myself and was already awake everytime she knocked on my door. How is that possible? It’s still like that, not EVERYTIME but often.

Thank you.

Up to two hours I think, your body will keep in memory. Perhaps more. I don’t think the body “resets” it’s like a music box… once you wind it to full and let it go, it unwinds slowly and you need to re-wind it. The longer you let it go the more you have to rewind it… so in short my guess is that it’s gradual.

Spazm normally when your wake up in between sleeping periods is not to long your hormones and neurotransmitters will rember that…but if u wait to long your 25 hour biorhythm starts to take over. They tested that all and we have a 25 hour biorhythm and not a 24 one however most think that. Much has to do with the regulation of melatonin in yoiur brain, your sleeping hormone to name one of its functions.


I am not sure I understood all of that, Jeff.
Could you try to explain it a little more and maybe explain some more about melatonin?

Noone could explain to me why I always wake up just a few minutes before my alarm is set to go off? It never fails.
I am always awake a few minutes before the alarm, or my mom, or anyone that is supposed to wake me up does.

Being waken by an alarm is unpleasant so your body uses its “internal clock” to wake up before that. As for your mum, she is very regular (I suppose) and your perception of “a few minutes” is skewed.

Spazm i ment that the synchronizing of our body to day and night time is strongly linked to the secretion of melatonin in your blood stream.
So those melatonin levels at certain times in your 24 hour day will be different.


By the way, I am wondering… if we have 25 hours biorythm. How is it possible that we have kept up with 24 hours a day? I can’t figure that out. Maybe you can clear that up for me a bit?

lol cool i know i’m not the only one that wakes up before the alarm goes off or sombody wakes me up. it’s better that way. :cool: you can freak some ppl out :cool_laugh:

Lol fear. I always freak people out because if they come in my room while I sleep. I can feel the change instantly. I would just wake up. Lol. :razz: I did that when I fell asleep on my grandma’s lazy boy chair and my cousin came in this room to wake me up, but she didn’t know how. Well she didn’t need to anyways since I woke up and looked at her. She screamed at top of her lungs. Lol! I started to laugh so hard. :biggrin: Life’s fun! :wink:

Cool DM7. Does it work every time? And how does it feel when someone comes in to the room. I have done the same while awake, it feels like something in the room changes for me. But i havn’t done it in my sleep and it doesn’t always work while awake.