Sleep Walking, Sleep Talking and now.....Sleep SMSING!!!!!!!

ok this is crazy, when i first got my mobile i put it next to my bed when i sleep and i used to pick it up in sleep and write a sms and just before i send it i would delete it as i am waking up. it used to worry me as i would almost respond to a dream sms or send one from my dream but after a while i taught my self not to do this…but it came back last night lol and luckly i didnt have the credit to send all the message as it was very long but its there in my sent items…it really gets to me cuz wit sleep walking and tlaking it doesnt cost but with sleep smsing it does lol

LOL, what did you write in the SMS?

LOL ! :lol: Don’t put your mobile near your bed, or it will bankrupt you ! :wink:

in the dream it was a very good love poem actually :razz:

it wont backrupt me :happy::smiley: i am prepaid i jsut lose all my credit lmfao stupid phones :razz: