sleeping activities effect dreams

In my dreams sometimes I feel myself opening my eyes but the feel closed and I don’t wonder anything about. I don’t knwo how to change this sign into a dream sign to where I could recognize I am dreaming and have a lucid dream while realizng that my eyes are open (in the dream) but closed (because I’m sleeping) another thing I realized while I sleep is when I try to run away or I try to do something everything shape shifts back to a lying down position becuase I’m sleeping. I have also had were I can run or when I do I keep falling in a backwards position. I have troube turning these into signs that are recognized as dreaming signs but It doesn’t work that way. Maybe I’m too stressed out and my sleep is effecting it that way because my ming needs to rest and not dream.

I am no LD master yet, in fact I only had one LD a month ago, in which I did close my eyes and was then affraid to open them and to wake up. But once I opened my eyes, I was still dreaming…

For the last 2 days, I have been using Vitamin B and did “encountered” some obvious dream signs and failed to recognize them… You might what to see my post for more details :Vitamin B topic under pathway to LD:

[url]The BIG Vitamin B Topic - Part II]

If I ever find I way to make good use of these DS, I’ll tell you. I am no sleep expert either, but these days, I am not stressed at all and can get as much sleep as I want, and still, I can’t recognizing very obvious DS.