Sleeping duriung da day.

Okay serioulsly.
Sooo anoying… Today when i got home from school i suddenly got seriously tierd went to bed at 16:00 and then my sister comes in and tells me that dinner is ready it is than 20:30. So i have been slleping for 4,5 hours.

Now i wonder why… Since i sleept really goood the night before and the nighte before that. and i usualy dont sleep during the day and if i do i sleep for about 30minutes.

Happens to me all the time. Especially after I eat any meal larger than a snack - I get really, really exhausted and have to sleep it off. Or sometimes I just get tired for no reason at all and have to sleep for a while to start functioning properly again.

A lot of the time I plan to just have an hour’s nap, but wake up to find many hours have passed, so that’s not unusual. If you need the sleep your body won’t wake up until it’s got it. (At least in my experience - I can sleep through anything, seriously.) :tongue:

This happens to me a lot, although i can put the sleep off until normal sleeping times.
I find it annoying being that tired at that time though.

i never take a nap so,
that’s probably cos i have much trouble falling asleep

when i sleep in the day i get good dreams

I try not to sleep during the day, always my head hurts after it…usualy no dreams, maybe some HI…