Sleeping position for attaining Lucidity

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if there’s any specific sleeping posture which aids in LDs. Or will it work in any natural sleeping position?

I usually sleep on my side or flat on my chest. It feels a bit uncomfortable for me if try to sleep on my back with my hands at my side. Will this be a problem for DRs and LDs?

Hi guybrush_threepwood

I did find lying on my back helped with WILD, though i only got as far as the HI. So it could be a good position for LD’s too. Some people probably don’t notice any difference.

I usually sleep on my sides and I, used to, before my dryspell anyways, had lucid dreams quite regularly, atleast once a week. It probably doesn’t really matter for MILD. For WILD makes a difference, I hear.

I find LDing generally works better while lying on my back.

To give an honest answer, I really don’t think sleeping positions affect anything regarding lucid dreaming or just normal dreaming for that matter. Regardless of what position you are in, your body will still be paralized for sleeping, and your mind will still function as it should for any human resting. WILDs being easier on your back is complete opinion, for I’ve had even better luck on my stomach ( also an opinion, but a contradicting statement none-the-less ). In fact, for a lot of people, lying on your back makes things harder, because you undergo many things that prevent you from entering sleep. Irritating things such as feeling like you need to swallow ( which of course escalates when you’re on your back ).

Simply put, you can sleep however you want. All you need to worry about is whether or not it’s comfortable for you. :grin:

About sleeping on the back - I’ve read in an Israeli website that sleeping on your back increases the chance to have SP…

That sounds like really good advice. The reason I asked this question is because I was wondering if it was the only way to get an LD.

Few nights ago, I tried listening to an mp3 for Lucid Dreaming from here and did it while I was lying on my back. I did reach a point where my body felt like stone and couldn’t move my limbs, but couldn’t go beyond that (because I had a nasty cough). But after that failed attempt, my back hurt, cause it’s not a natural position for me.

One more thing that I would say about sleeping position is that if you change your normal sleeping position it can help with WILD if it helps you keep your mind awake. A problem that some people have is that they fall asleep too fast in their normal sleeping position. If you try a new position, it could help you keep your mind awake while letting your body fall asleep. It could also just keep you awake, so you may have to try a few different positions. :cool:

I usually fall asleep easiest on my side. I had a small ld this morning and beasue of this thread i remembered what position i woke up in - I was on my side.

This happened to me when I had HI, lying on my back. Once i turned over the HI disapeared.

to not move the physical body at all upon waking from a dream is quite easy and a simple way of attaining lucidity

in this sense, your posture is whatever posture is comfortable, and it is to not change except when you are going to undergo NREM sleep.

ideally this means that you have just one or two positions that you keep a disciplined vigilance in. In that way, you basically will have a lot more lucidity because you won’t fidget around at night, and the stillness is a vital link to lucidity and sleep paralysis.

word on posture though the back is probably best for your spine and entire body, sleeping on the stomach is quite bad for your neck, one of the absolute worst sleeping positions.

if you feel the need to deviate from disciplined posture you can always get up and stretch and take heavy breaths, it will probably then come to be that these breaks may help you WBTB rather than fidgeting around and losing mindfulness.

this is all best in conjuction with some sort of mindfulness such as MILD or breath awareness.

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@holy reality:
Staying still is the problem. If I’m lying on my back, I’m ok for a while, but then slowly I get restless and my thoughts keep coming back to how uncomfortable I feel. I think I’ll try to fall asleep on my back for a few days and see how it turns out.