Sleeping positions give certain recall?

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Well, onto the question. At times, I’ll lay in bed ready to get to sleep and I’ll be in whatever position comes.
Now, sometimes when I lay in the same position I woke up in from the morning, I get sudden dream recall from the night before, dreams that I had forgotten. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I just get this sudden recall. Now I dont know what this is, but does memory somehow relate to action? I.e…I woke up in that position and remembered a dream, forgot it and then layed down again in same position 14+ hours later only to remember it again.

I hope this made sense, I just thought this concept was quite interesting…

[color=darkblue]I find this topic really interesting. Sometimes with dream incubation, I will be lying on one side thinking of a scenario and then (out of discomfort) turn onto my other side and somehow my view of it changes or I’m frustrated I can’t get back into it again.

I’ve heard it work with DR too. You wake up straight from a dream and I have been told you should make sure you are clear what the dream was before moving and writing it down. It’s kind of like transferring it from your subconscious to your conscious mind as you slowly wake up. Dreams are so easily forgotten. If you get in a similar postion to how you were when you dreamt it then it is easier for the mind to remember…[/color]

This is what I’ve found as well. If my memory has gone blank or something when I’ve woken up, I’ll just shift back to my sleeping position and the dream comes to me. :smile: I always thought of it as coincidence though…

[color=darkblue]It is your brain trying to remember and this is easier when you are in a similar position.

I also think your brain thinks differently according to what position you are in- kind of like that lie detection thing- when people look to see if someone looks to the right or left after being asked a question.

Apparently, they look right if they are trying to remember something and left if they are trying to imagine something, but don’t quote me on this…[/color]

I knew that when you wake up, if you need to move in order to switch your alarm off, then it’s better for DR to lie again in the same position you woke up in. But I didn’t know it could apply to dreams of the previous night! :eek:

I know, its odd…isn’t it? :neutral:
I hope it proves useful for me…No…it better prove useful for me. :tongue:

This is very long time known mnemonic technique.
You can even use it to remember things you want, outside of dreams. Thats probably the best and most accessible method of them all.

Not quite, but close.
The psychs found out the following :

  1. Ask a person a few questions.
  2. Watch the direction the person turn his head to : to the left is the past, to the right is the future.
  3. Watch the angle the person turn his head to : below your eye level is your memory, above your eye level is your imagination.

So, for example, that means if the person is turning his head to the downwards left - that person is remembering something from his own past, and probably will give a truthful answer.

All this is involuntary, so its hard to conceal. And also, it works both ways !!! Thats the best part. So, not only you look down and right when remembering - you also can remember better if you look down and right willingly.
Its possible to make these kinda links on your own, but these head “anchors” are already in the “human blueprints”.

I find I have this. Most of the time, unless I am very tired, I can only get to sleep on my stomach. But I find that I have much more vivid dreams and better recall if I am on my back.

I also find that I have more high lucidity LDs on my back than any other position.

Same here, Mohegan. If I lay on my stomach, I get to sleep easier. If I lay on my back, I get vivid dreams. But, If I lay on on my side, I’m most likely to have a either spiritual dreams or lucid dreams.

i always sleep on my back, i find its easier doing wild that way and uually recall dreams on my back

First I go to sleep on my back but after my alarm goes of for WBTB I sleep at the same posision I woke up :grin: