Sleeping Too Deeply to Dream - Help

I hvae just started to try to improve my overall dream recall about one week ago. I want to work towards lucid dreaming but can’t even ]remember one dream a night. This makes me mad. I think it’s because I am sleeping TOO deeply to remember. What can I do to help myself remember my dreams more easily? Whats the best method?

Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

For one thing, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. Secondly, just remind yourself of your intentions to remember your dreams throughout the day, and ESPECIALLY as you fall asleep. You could try putting up little notes in your room that say “You will remember your dreams tonight.” One more thing, you WILL remember your dreams tonight. :wink:

Also, another good tip: as soon as you wake up, unless it’s with an alarm, you probably just finished a dream. So every time you wake up, stay in the same position and concentrate on anything that you’re feeling. Believe me, even feeling a certain mood can lead to the recall of specifics. I can be lying there for five minutes just concentrating and then “bam” the dream finally comes to me. Then I just backtrack through the dream and eventually I can remember a lot. I started of like you, and now I recall several every night. Good luck.

Last night I set 3 cell phones alarms at 3 different times (intervals of 90min) then I listened to soft ambient music and concentrated on the phrase to remember dreams and mostly just remained clear headed until I fell asleep with the first cell phone in my hand. I woke up after the first alarm and remembered nothing. The second one went off… nothing. Later at about 6:35pm the last one went off in my hand. I woke up slowly and at first couldn’t remember anything, then suddenly for some reason my mind flashed and I remebered! I got up, wrote it down then went on my computer to read the forums until 7am. I tried to go back to the dream but instead had 3 new dreams at different times between 7 and 9am. SO after one week of no dream memory I get 4 in one night! I was stoked to see such an improvement. I remembered really well all three because all three had me using one or all of the cell phones at some point. I think multiple alarms can help and also reading about dreams before sleep. Thanks for the tips and keep them coming if you can.


Now that I seem to be remembering 2-4 dreams per night I am wondering what I can do to improve the vividness of them. How do I go up to the next level of dreaming whatever that is. Where are you in dreaming right now? Like how vivid are yours how well do you remember and how close are you to lucidity?

Lemme know,