sleeping well, but have nightmares instead of lucid dreaming

Hello all.
I’ve been around for some time, but now I’ve decided to register and ask you few question.
I’ve already had a lucid dream when I was back in college. It was a great experience, never felt so free. So I know how it’s like. I still remember how it happened. But at that time I didn’t even know that there is such thing as lucid dreaming.
I went to bed and I was pretty tired. That day I was buying a watch for myself and I’ve tried at least 10 different watches - I put the watch on my left hand and looked at my arm to see how it looks like. When I went to bed I fall asleep fast. The trigger for me to realize that I’m dreaming was seeing my hand that had 6 fingers. I’m sure I dreamed about this because of previous events (looking at my arm so many time while changing watches). I remember I said to my self:“hey, this is wrong. This can’t be!” And at that time I realized I was dreaming. For that moment on, I could do whatever I wanted with my dream.
Lucid dreaming never occured to me since then though. But I never actually tried to lucid dream, either.
Lately, my sleep has become poor. I mean, I can’t sleep every night for 8 hours, but my dreams are messed up. THe reason why I’m writing this is for the thing that happened the last night.
I went to bed and felt asleep quickly. Suddenly I woke up and my body was paralyzed so I couldn’t move a muscle. Like someone would cut my head of. But I knew that I was dreaming because I saw shadows moving around in my room. I also saw a creature on top of my wardrobe. I tried to move the arm to turn on the light but I couldn’t. This phase only lasted for few minutes. Suddenly I had the control of my body back. I turned on the light. Nothing was on top of my wardrobe (not even a bag that could actually look like a creature because of the shadow).
I must say this was the most horrible experience in my life. I was scared to death, I saw things and I couldn’t move a muscle, although I could move my eyes around and I could think. I remember talking to myself:“this is just a dream, this is just a dream…!”.
Do you have any idea what happened to me? Is this lucid dreaming? If it is, I don’t want to experience it again! Horrible, scary and frustrating!

Guys, anyone?

Well first of all don’t get discouraged by one or few bad experiences. Learn from it.

From what it seems to me, you weren’t dreaming at that moment, I guess after realizing that you are dreaming and spending some time in a dream you woke up, still paralyzed because of dreaming. I won’t go a lot into SP because there is a ton of info about it, but one of the main characteristics is hallucinations what I believe you experienced…

Now I’ve read that in SP state person tend to be more scare then it actually is so anything even remotely scared can actually scare you. Here comes practice very handful, because putting yourself into this situation again and again you learn how to deal with it.

Also if you want to learn more about nightmares and logic behind them listen to this guy, some pretty awesome stuff he said… Click!

Well yeah. I was really really scared. And I guess this can’t be lucid dreaming, as if it was no one would want to experience it again.
I will look into this sleep paralysis thing you’ve mentioned. Thanks for info.
I never tought that sleep can be hindered by such experience. Sleeping should be “going offline” and not let your mind wander around and do messy stuff like letting you halucinate…

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