Sleeping with one eye open

This topic on what falling asleep with one eye not entirely closed would be like. I got this question when I was resting on a school bus with my eyes closed. The other people as immature as they are started like touching my face and woke me up. So I rested my eyes again and noticed that closed is not the relaxed position for my eyes but it was like half way open. I realized that to keep your eyes open or closed you must force them open or closed which we do without thinking about. So I atemped to close one eye then relax both eyes and one stayed open. While in this state i used my like hyper-relaxation that I learned for VILD on my face and it worked. Then I had like no felling that i had to blink the open eye and then I tried to relax the rest of my body. I got around the point close to SP and noticed that I could still see with my eye. The thing was this was like whole other perspective! Normaly human move their eyes many of times a second to see things. My eyes where just still. Though my vision was slightly impaired but i could see things as if they were in an LD. For example if the bus dimmed a bit where I was looking I went completely blind and got scared but when there was motion it was like watching TV because it was in 2D. As soon as I felt the sensations of SP my friend started shaking me awake for it was my stop. :cry:

I will try this tonight and I can still do the relaxation so i don’t have to blink. But my question is what the dream would be like? I mean would your vision just black out and it would start or maybe I would just watch though my one eye but be in a mind set that would make that seem normal and I would not question it. :bored:

If anyone wants to try this please post your report back here and if you can do the things with your eyes I’ll better explain.

P.S. I hope i don’t wake up with a dried up crusty thing where my eye once was. :ack:

Look at this topic… I had similar experience :smile:

[Weird experience - dreaming with eyes open ? :O)

Ok i tried it last night and I managed to VILD my way asleep. From time to time I went blind in my eye and got scared I closed it but when I checked it was still open. For some reason I did not LD but my normal dream was so vivid I thought it was RL. And not only that it was soo amazingly “good” a dream I got kinda depressed when I woke up. :cry: But anyways my right eye (the open one) was really blury as my left eye was focoused it took me a couple of seconds to adjust. I don’t know if that was because my eye was open or that it was just how I awoke and that way and that I closed my eye while asleep. :confused:

i have nothing important to add, but i had a friend who had eye surgery and afterwards his left eye never fully closed OR opened. so he had to get used to sleeping with one eye open, and he said it didnt make any difference in sleep and dreaming.
although he didnt practice LDing…

Well that proves it is possible

that’s interesting about your dream TEM

Omg he knows my chat name! :tongue:

And thank you.