sleeping with the light on?

i am under the impression that dreams genrally occur during REM.
From past exp, my regular dreams usually occur in the morning hours, right after the sun comes up. Its as if the light induces REM.

SO, my theory:

going to sleep with the light on would put you into REM faster than normal, consequently leading to less time to reach REM.
other possibilities would be using one of those plug timers. so lets say you goto sleep at midnight and set the timer for 1am… the light (sunrise) kicks on, hopefully producing REM, and alowing your to dream all night long. and also, tungsten or florescent light bulbs?

i hope this sheds some light on the subject…ahahahaha

lemme know how it goes

By the way this is my first post;

my name is dave, i am 20… currently residing in NJ. I like long walks on the beach (blah blah)… and about 6 months ago, i starting experimenting with LDing. nice to meet you all.

…sorry, but no. What happens is that REM occurs in longer periods later on in your sleep. This coincides with the sunrise. Also, if the sunrise causes you to wake up, you’re far more likely to remember your dream.

agrees with r3m0t

but just to expand a bit more. i learned in… psychology class i think… your body operates on an internal clock. which is adjusted to rhythms of night and day. that’s why people who insomnia (like me) are instructed to turn off the lights or sit in dim light a couple minutes before bed time. because your body associates darkness with sleepytime. in darkness, your brain starts making melatonin and that causes you to feel tired.

i think leaving the light on would throw off that process. i can’t speak for everybody, but personally, i can’t hardly get to sleep with even a small light on.

i sleep with an eyemask because i’m a light sleeper and the sun wakes me up in the morning and i can’t get back to sleep with it in my face. i’ve found that sleeping w/ an eyemask on (artifical darkness) has improved the length of my morning dreams since they aren’t being interrupted by the light in my face.

I dont think light affects you dreams, as i live in a country with daylight 24/7 in summertime… I actually find myself to have a little less LD’s in summer part of the year, but i think that is because of my room temp being hotter than i prefer…

hehehe no worrys for me about being woken up by the sun, i live in england. :razz: