Sleepless nights

Hey guys

For the last few weeks i have not been able to sleep. Great diet, exercise, no stress. In fact my life has been better than ever. I live in the present more than ever, and i feel connected to my better self yet when i try to sleep, it just doesn’t work. I stay up all night and get maybe one or two hours of sliping in and out of conciousness.

I just got some sleeping pills, so i know i’ll sleep great tonight.
Don’t know why i’m posting this i reckon i’ll be bak to normal in a few days.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Periods of change often trigger this in some way. You say you feel very different even when you go to sleep, and as such, the old way of falling asleep could not be functional anymore, so you should adapt to the new condition and find your new way of falling asleep. Those sleeping pills will work only for the period you use them, but they’ll only make things worse after you stop taking them, since you still won’t have learned anything, and you will probably find yourself back to square one.
So next time you go to bed, focus yourself on how you fall asleep, and what part your consciousness plays in it. When you learn how to fall asleep properly, you’ll be able to do that without any aid :wink:

Some suggestion on how to ease sleep in this topic ^^

If everything is going great and you’re doing the right things like a good diet and exercise, then you probably need to see your doctor. It can’t hurt to mention it at your next check-up. It sounds like you’re doing everything right, which is worrisome, because it’s not working.

THanks guys,

I took the pill last night and all i got was 3 hours of sleep.
I’m throwing the pills in the bin. I don’t need em. I know i’ll be ok tonight.

Still Happy :smile:

Just to say from experience that sleeping pills are not the way. I didn’t take any last night.

Last night i had a wonderful sleep from eleven to nine, i certainly caught up, and i feel fresh as ever today.

I’m very glad for you :happy:
Have a peaceful sleep and sweet dreams, happy :content:

Hmmm… a bit old topic but…

Ha! That’s how my insomnia is like. I’m sad - I’m not sleeping. I’m happy - I’m not sleeping. I don’t care - I’m not sleeping.

Pills actually woke me up, after I took them I haven’t slept even for few minutes, heh.

First of all I think making such huge issue out of it isn’t good… after I stopped being angry about it I started to sleep more. If for some reason you can’t force yourself to sleep let yourself just lie down and daydream, it’s form of relax too and it’s way better than not even letting yourself to lie down.

I used to not be able to fall asleep for hours; and then have bad nights of sleep afterwards, but I found this great way to fall asleep that works for me every time!
I use a modified version of the “Stop Drop and Roll” (I think that’s what it’s called) tecnique from “Lucidology”-- I just don’t roll over at the end

edit: I can feel the sleep paralysis really well using this tecnique, and it might scare some people, but you should get used to it…

In october and november i had a bad period of sleep. Falling asleep was difficult and took hours. The one thing that you shouldn’t do and everyone does at the beginning, is waiting for the sleep. I remember myself even checking “am i sleeping now?” which ofcourse wakes you up.
Later on i discovered i actually DID sleep and DREAMT that i was still awake!

At that point i decided two things. That i didn’t care anymore and that i just knew this would only be temporarily. As i’ve always been a good sleeper this just MUST resolve itself. I decided in december i would have great nights of sleep.
It worked!