Sleepwalking concern.

Alright, whenever I seem to have a restless sleep, normally good for lucidity, I tend to sleepwalk. I wake up to find myself trying to open doors, I find pillows in different places of the room and stuff like that. How normal is this considering Im almost 19?

There’s nothing strange about that you can sleepwalk at any age.

I think it depends what you mean by “sleepwalking”. If you mean that you are getting up and acting out your dreams- i.e. you were dreaming of opening a door and then awoke to find yourself doing so- then you are experiencing REM behavior disorder. RBD would be unusual for someone your age, but not unheard of. Usually, RBD develops late in life and progressively gets worse. I myself have it and am somewhat of an “abnormal” case as I had it when I was young and as I have aged, it has lessened. A poster named legionaire recently developed RBD as a side effect of some medication. You might want to check out that thread- there’s some additional advice there. It’s under lucidity into- “how to wake up”.

Normal sleepwalking is a non dream sleep disorder and I don’t know a lot about that specifically. If you are experiencing RBD though, then be careful with LD techniques that involve movement of the dream body (spinning, flying, etc). You may find yourself spinning or attempting to fly in RL which would be dangerous.

Hey Matt,
I know this sounds strange, but try building a barricade so that you can’t get out of bed. I sleepwalked and rolled out of bed alot until a pretty late age and my parents were sort of freaked about it… they bought me this aluminum sort of fence :grin: and it worked out great (no idea where you’d buy one, but you definitely can) Just something that you can get through or take off really easily when you’re awake but can’t get past when you’re asleep :happy: Anyway, probably cheaper than a trip to the doctor’s office.

by the way, if you’ve got a sleeping partner, good luck with the fence.

I don’t think they’re dream related because I don’t remember dreaming while doing it. If I happen to wake up, I just find myself there and its like…wtf am I doing?

I suggest using standard dream recall to make sure that your sleep walking is not dream related- waking from RBD can be like waking from sleepwalking if you do not remember what you were dreaming. “Normal” sleepwalking is probably safer for a lucid dreamer, but at least with RBD there is a certain “logic” to it- “oh, I was dreaming about work. THAT’S why I thought my pillow was a cash register and I was plucking away on it”… Really sucks to work a long day and then work all night too :grrr: