Sleepy Time

So I have a very messed up sleep cycle. Some nights I go to sleep at 11 and some nights at 1-3am. I also don’t really wake up at the same time. Does it matter if I don’t have a normal routine? Also, Does it matter if I’m really tired when i go to sleep?

I never go to sleep on regular schedule, I sleep anywhere from 10 pm to 5 am, and I generally wake up in the PM. In spite of all of this, I’ve had lucid dreams as far back as I can remember. As for being tired, you’ll get different opinions on exactly how tired you should be when you go to bed. In the end I’d say don’t worry about it at all. It’s never really given me a problem. However, if you have enough free time to have a sleep schedule like mine, you should go ahead and try WBTB or a similar method for lucid dreaming.

It depends on what type of technique you want to do and some of them require to have a steady sleep cycle. Other than that, it doesn’t really matter, sometimes my sleep cycle is screwed up because I stay up too late and not wake up until in the late morning. There are a couple techniques that you can use that you would have to be tired for and if you’re tired going to bed then I’d say that would be a good thing so you know you would fall asleep faster. The technique that you might want to try is FILD. You can find the thread here.