Sleepy While Dreaming

Why does this keep happening to meeeeee??? DDDD:

Melodrama asaide, this is what’s wrong: Whenever I’m dreaming, I’m tired.

ALWAYS tired.

It’s kinda like I’m in a movie or something; I can’t feel anything (except water; but even then it’s extremely foggy), heck, it’s rare that I even THINK during dreams (which is probably how I went LD twice; first time switched dreams right after and the second time made me so sleepy that I had to go to sleep (IN A DREAM OF ALL PLACES!!! >_>)). I just trundle along, quietly observing every thing that’s going on (which isn’t very much, and I usually don’t even exist there).

So yeah, is there any way to NOT be tired during my dreams? D:

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I feel so lethargic in my dreams sometimes. :sadyes:

I’d like to know how to fix it too.

The worst example of when this happened to me is when I went semi-lucid and the whole scene went black and fuzzy. I was in a dark room and I felt so uncomfortable and tired in the dream that I decided just to give up being lucid and let the dream fix itself, lol.

I’ve had this happen to me too sometimes. Sometimes it’s more of a weakness, though… Just call it a dreamsign! :happy:

I’ve become lucid like this at least once. It was really weird because I felt this weakness and did TWO RC’s that didn’t work, but I was still almost sure I was dreaming…

WILL … hehe , easy to be sayed . say to yourself that you really want to be the one acting in your dream … when you dream , look at something close to you , then at something a little bit farther , and so on till the dream gets a littel bit better “graphics” (ussually with me i can see things in the close vincinity but then it gets fuzzy … try what happens to you . i for my part seem to have success with that method)
Touch your face , that should intensify it too …
greetz :wink: :om:

hey, its a dream you control it. make yourself not tired! :tongue:

I can’t do that since I’m not thinking in the first place! D:

And how exactly do I do that? >.>;;;

First, you probably have to learn to lucid dream proficiently, so you can become aware that you are dreaming and then change the dreamscene and your attitude so you don’t feel as tired. Hopefully, if you learn to lucid dream well enough, even if you do have a normal dream, you might not feel as tired anymore.

If I tried that, I’d be stuck in a loophole.

To have a lucid dream I’d have to be able to think in my dreams.

To be able to think in my dreams, I’d have to feel awake.

To feel awake, I’d have to be able to LD.

And in that one time where I went LD randomly without waking up, I was even more tired than I usually am. I even tried spinning in it to feel more awake (which didn’t help at all and got me stuck in a black void for about 4 seconds before I woke up).

The beginning of this week, when I wanted to do WBTB, I got myself out of doing it by saying that I might be tired in my dreams also. I hate it when I get paranoid like that.

Melatonin :happy:. It helps propel your mind into REM sleep quickly. So you can do alot more WILD actions… Every time I take any dose of melatonin even the losest dose. I have incredibly vivid dreams. Alot bordering on a scewed reality :razz: However lucid dreaming is only really easy when trying WILD and using melatonin earlier.

Wow. Didn’t know that!! laughs

I get this a lot too, its really annoying because I’m lucid but too tired to do anything!! grins