Slowing down time in RL || has this happened to you? ||

I’m pretty new here, and just recently started to try to LD. This morning i woke up very clearly, i think the clearest i’ve ever woken up. It was like I conciously meant to wake up from my dream (although I’m not sure since I still don’t fully remember my dreams).

Anyways I’m not sure if the preceeding has anything to do with this slowing down time business / im not sure if slowing down time in RL has anything to do with LD s, but I decided to add it still.
The following is what triggered (and made me recall about) slowing down time:

I have this song on my music playlist that has two different versions, one at normal speed and one just barely faster with an added beat. I haven’t heard the “normal” one in a long time, but I have heard the faster one quite a lot recently. This morning, the “normal” verison started playing on my playlist and I experienced something that seemed really familliar. Since I was used to the faster beat, hearing the slower version made it seems as if time was passing by a bit more slowly. Now I know that that was just an illusion because I was used to the faster beat but the strange thing is that it made me recall this feeling from my childhood. I remember, on a few occasions, when I was younger (5-15 years old about) that time would just seem to slow down. It was a very strange feeling and I was kind of scared of it. The best way I can describe it is like this: if you drink a lot of coffee and get really jittery everything around seems kinda fast. Now imagine slowing that down (slower than time as you know it) and still have the werid coffee feeling. Its hard to imagine, infact I can barely imagine it right now, but thast the best way i can describe it. All I can remember about these “slow flashes” is that they were kinda uncomfortable feeling and although im not exactly sure how long they lasted it was probably between half a minute and half an hour. Also this feeling was felt strongest by my sense of hearing…

Has anyone experienced somehting of that sort?
Maybe it was just a chemical imbalance in my brain :eek:

anyways gimme some feedback plz, id like to hear some thoughts

I think the music thing is interesting, because time is just the time between events… maybe this could be looked into further :tongue:

Um, yes, that’s right!

Chemicals can influence your perception of time, yes. I don’t know if you’ve ever been drunk or tipsy; but for me, it seems like I move faster and everything around me goes faster. That’s only because your brain is processing stuff more slowly. So, I reckon that if it seems like everything is slowing down, your brain must be processing sensory information at a faster rate than normal. I sometimes have moments I’m really aware of my surroundings, and it does seem like things slow down. It’s in your brain and perceptions, really. Adrenaline rush, for instance, causes you to move faster so that it seems like things around you are going slower. ^^

well only way i can relate to this is when somthing is thrown at me like a baseball or somthing and i’m not expecting it. i look at it and everything seems to slow down and i have time to move or catch it. it’s pretty cool.

Odd, I can very vaguely remember instances like that…

and dreams, as well.

It’s odd though, because when I think back on those experiences, I can’t remember any details… like I can’t say “I was 12, riding my bike through the woods, and…”

I just remember the feeling… the odd, slowed down feeling that’s completely indescribable… it’s not even really that time “slowed down” but that’s the closest thing I can describe it is. Thinking back on it gives me a very odd feeling itself, because I can’t remember any details… it’s not a “fear” per say, but… I dunno heh, I’m making no sense right now

Maybe I’m just nuts?

This topic reminded me of similar experiences i had when i was young aswell… Really strange experiences… It is ages ago since i had those experiences, they stopped after i turned into a teenager i believe.

Apparently David Beckham or some soccer guy experiences this in games. I can sort of relate to this, only split second things though.

Something similar to this happened to me a week ago, I was listening to Hendrix(HENDRIX! WOOO!) and suddenly the music went slower than normal and faded out while hendrix continued to sing. It freaked me right out, I was really wound up before it happened. Anyway, I thought I was hallucinating, but I looked at the timer on my dvd player and looked away, no dream happenings there. So I tried skipping the song and putting it back to where it was and it was fine. Strange…

that would be useful!

Like the time I avoided an accident wow were my thoughts and actions fast! Maybe through an EEG that would show super high beta

Something else to consider is that when you are younger, time really does just go slower, or now time seems to pass by faster. I have always attributed this to relativity. The only reason time seems to pass faster now than 10 years ago, is because a day is much less time when compared to 20 years than is was when compared to 10 years.

I have also noticed time slowing down with chemicals, but I never thought about why time went by faster when you are drunk… good call.

Maybe when we are younger we take less for granted or more information is filtered out when we are older.

I also used to notice that time slowed down when I was younger

I hate society so much, they take a kid who has all sorts of mental gifts and say “that isn’t normal, that isn’t normal, that isn’t normal” and make him function a certain way.

I used to be able to hallucinate at will during the day, well… the thing is I discovered it one morning, thought it was very cool… and of course I told my mom about it and she didn’t encourage it… so… imagine that… I STOPPED DOING IT… why?

I don’t know… because it isn’t normal, kids pick up on what is normal, and what isn’t, what they should do, what they shouldn’t…

Sigh… but yeah I remember watching people throw a ball, and when I wouldn’t pay attention to the ball, it seemed to move fast, but if I’d follow it with my gaze and focus on it while they are throwing it… it seemed to be moving really really slow.

Looking back I’m not sure if that was anything really special since maybe it was just the first time I had ever followed the arc of a thrown ball… as you know it’s like, if you don’t pay attention to those things you know, just WHAM there goes a ball to its destination, but if you follow it in flight it does seem to be a bit “slower” but that’s just becuase you are following it’s direction to its destination, anticipating where it will be before it gets there… and you know… hm…

I definitely get weird senses of time in my dreams though… I woke up today and I thought “man I slept for a long time, it must be pretty close to getting up” and IT WAS ONLY 2 AM… I only slept for an hour, but it felt like I had just gotten an entire nights sleep.

What I think was I managed to go through an entire sleep cycle into REM without waking up in the process… so … I don’t know… I don’t usually do that…

So then I’d go to sleep and wake up every hour and the time spent sleeping felt like I don’t know… it felt like 6-8 hours, when in reality given how much I woke up it was probably arond 4.

about 1:20-2:12… about 2:12-3:12… about 3:30/45-4:20ish… then that to 5… etc…

Very broken, but until the morning (when I was just in a half awake haze of thoughtstreams) the sleep I got seemed long… quite longer than the timespan it lasted in… and a HUGE majority of it was NREM dreams about sleeping…

But it’s like… sometimes I’ll know I have only about 15-20 minutes before I have to get up, and I go lucid anyway, and I’m always in a huge hurry thinking 'man i’m almost out of time!" but I never am… by my best estimate I’m usually way off

like i think “it must be about 6:29, you’d better get up” but only 5 minutes have gone by and it’s like 6:15…