Slowing down time

My question is, what is the limit to the ability to slow down the dream world time, meaning if x minutes pass in the real world, 15x minutes pass in the dream world. What is the limit to the coefficient of the x, in terms of dream time. This would probably have to be done via WILDs. One starts a stopwatch, and then wakes themselves up at the end of the dream, and stops it. Record difference in time, and post. I myself am not superb in the WILDs respect, but I have found what was the matter thanks to d3struct, in meditation as well. Also, I am uninterested in posts that try to reason as to why this can’t be, this will only cause people to have a mental block in the subject. There is much in the unknown about human consciousness, and how it operates in linear time. I can’t stop you, however, please don’t as this is a quest for all. Namaste, and think of the possibilities.

I am afraid it cannot be measured, even though you get an LD and got EEG to measure your state of mind, there is no way to tell if your actually getting more time in your LD to do more stuff than usual. This is just a belief just as AP or any other thing :smile:

But it does not mean that it is not possible, everything is relative :content:

WritersCube had a 2 week-long LD on the very first page of his dream journal, so you can spend a lot of time in your dreams. It has been speculated that people have had NDs and LDs that lasted for years, even. However, since the predominant theory as to how that even happens is that parts of your dream are cut out–like fast-forwarding through it–it is likely that staying in your dream world for a long time will hurt the quality of the dream.

I remember reading about an experiment Laberge did on this topic.
He told his subject to signal time with his eye movements. The results matched up with real world time, but that’s likely because they were keeping track of the seconds.
Essentially, if they hadn’t been counting the seconds, their awareness of time could have been warped.
I think that’s the current theory anyway.

When i first heard about LDing. I read this thing that said that a guy had a 100 year long LD in 2 hours. IDK though

Yeah I read the same thing, I myself has only experienced a 3 day long LD :razz: at least it felt as if it lasted for 3 days xD

There is no limit. It is your perception of time.

Very wise and true words! :content:

Ok, thats better feedback than I expected. I am unsure though, if you know this is possible…why don’t you use it to increase your dream control training? Or other training. Become a master in 2 months instead of 10 years. Or is it physically exausting? Is there a way to revitalize? Should I be searching in others dream journals? Writerscube does have an awesome dream journal though :smile:. Any other examples for the time warp. Namaste