snake dream

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Any thoughts on this snake dream? I’m scheduled for surgery and I’m not sure medicare will pay for it. I asked to have a dream about whether they will pay or if I’ll get stuck with the cost. I saw the snake in two different dreams last night. Both times the boa like snake was standing totally erect like a fence post. It wasn’t being aggressive. If anything just maybe looking at me. I only remember the second dream where me and a friend were planting something in a long planter box with a shovel. As I was digging the box appeared standing on end and the dirt fell away to reveal the snake. Maybe it didn’t even relate to the upcoming surgery. Some sources say a snake can represent the medical profession as in the symbol they use of a serpent wrapped around a staff.

I think snakes in dream are not bringing bad luck or bad omen in real world. In fact, I have experienced LD with snakes around me and the next morning won a raffle in our local store for free grocery! :smile:

So, it means you will have a good surgery… :smile:

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll figure you are right. :smile: