Snoring in sleep paralysis

Sooo whenever I induce SP I quietly snore. I don’t really know how to explain it, but if you mock the snoring sound and just take away the noise it’s like that… :neutral: don’t know If you’ll understand that…but anyways, when the SP wave comes it forces me into this breathing. I can’t control it I can only control the “speed” of the breathing. It’s REALLY uncomfortable so I can’t relax to go into a LD. I found out that the thing that causes me to snore is laying on my back. But the problem is that’s the only way I can induce SP. if I lay on my side I pass out right away. Any help on this? :shy: thanks.

TL;DR How can I stop snoring?

Have you tried altering the angle at which your head is? Maybe you should try sleeping with more pillows or even half-upright. I don’t have the problem of snoring I guess because no-one has ever mentioned it so I don’t know exactly what to do except changing your position somehow. Might help.