So after remembering your dreams..then?

So i can now remember my dreams almost every night, but how do you becom lucid? in your dream? does it just come? i have been doing a dreem journal but i cant control my dreams yet, dont know how to become lucid.

-Swords a blazing

it doesn’t just come as such you have to start to recognise dream signs and things that can’t be real and be aware of that which then helps you regognise you are dreaming, its one thing to just remember dreams its another to be lucid , try one of the many techniques and expirirment with each one (theres topics for the methods)


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Good Luck :grin:

Pick a tech and some RC’s (info for whaich can be found from the LD4all homepage - simply choose ‘How’ and ‘techniques’ and ‘Reality Checks’)

First you want to study and learn from your dreams. What is your dream life like? What are big flashing signs that appear in your dreams that should tell you, “hey I am dreaming”? These are what we call dream signs. Find ones that occur frequently in your dreams. I read my DJ every night and analyze my dreams and put my dream signs into categories.

Now that you know what your dream life is like. What is your waking life like? I agree with surreal. Do lots of RT ‘ing. Take the exercise seriously and honestly consider the possibility that you are dreaming then, try to prove that you are not.

Keeping a DJ+RT can = lucid dreams on there own so long as you have a strong desire to lucid dream.

However, to further improve your chances consider practicing and additional induction technique. There are quite a number of methods out there but, MILD and WILD seem to be the two most popular methods.

Finally to even further increase your chances consider combining your induction technique WBTB or WBTS.

Anyway this is just a rough outline if you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

Good luck and Happy Dreaming :smile:

Can’t wait to hear about your first lucid dream :cool:

milod drops a quarter in the lucid wishing well for you. ( yes that works too)

Awsome. Thanks! Yeah so when i dream im not in control and i cant realize im dreaming, cant rc, so doing it during the day rcing, makes me do it while im sleeping. ok, awsome. When i ld ill tell you all!


Yes that is part of it. However, there is a little more to it than that. Sure, you can just mindlessly do RC throughout the day and eventually find yourself doing them in a dream. Another option is to develop a habit of critically questioning your environment. 20-30 times per day take a moment and ask yourself, Am I dreaming?”

Seriously consider the possibility that you are dreaming for a moment. Look around for your dream signs, try to determine if there is anything abnormal. Then you can use an RC to prove if you are dreaming or not. Feel free to make this exercise fun so it does not become monotonous. However, do take it seriously. Don’t just quickly answer, “of course I am awake.” Take the time to prove it!

By doing this exercise seriously you will learn to develop your critical reflective reasoning ( as Labarge calls it). Eventually you will find yourself in a dream and you will just know you are dreaming. You will just feel it.

One more thing. It is also important to develop a strong intention to lucid dream. At a minimum you should remind yourself of your intention before going to sleep. However, I suggest you at least practice the MILD technique. Check out the Big MILD sticky topicfor more information.

Another thing I think would be helpful is getting to know your dreams. Study your dreams and see if you have one dreamsign that repeats quite frequently, such as perhaps always seeing a flying car or whatever. Then really focus on noticing those special dreamsigns.l