So close, anyone know why?


Last night I had a dream. At one point, I was cooking a corn dog sort of thing, but with a crepe wrapped around it. Later, I wanted to know what it was called. I asked a couple of people, but couldn’t find out. I then thought to myself “It must be because this is a dream, and the food doesn’t exist.” Then… No lucidity.

Grrrrr. I have a feeling that my brain is trolling me.

Anyone know why this happened?

Actually I had similar dream quite recently. In it I was stuck UNDER a railroad, but I heard the train coming and couldn’t climb out or I would get hit by the train. I chose to stay under the rails but I was afraid. Then I said to myself: “Stay calm or you will wake up from this dream, the train can’t hurt you just sit tight.” But I didn’t become lucid. It was cool though, I liked that dream.

I seem to have a voice guiding me in my nighmares nowdays, I had the same happen in another scary dream involving seamonsters. The voice told me to dive to stay alive and I dived.

A lot of people notice this happening. It happened to me as well and I know at least one other person to which is has happened.

It starts occurring cause your mind is beginning to adopt the concept of being aware that you’re dreaming and use that concept, like all others, as material basis for a dream. (IMO) The reason it hasn’t made you lucid can vary, but I generally believe that the reason most don’t become lucid from this kind of thing is because they have not had practice in Awareness, and, just like every unusual facet of a dream, you pass it off as normal.

Now, having this kind of experience can be viewed in a couple lights, but my personal favorite is to believe that this is a sign of improvement. Your mind is becoming accustomed to thinking about LDing to the point where it’s making references to the act while you are dreaming. This means that with a little practice at gaining awareness whenever you think you are dreaming you can improve your LD rate.

Basically, try to RC more during the day if you have a “this is a dream” feeling. It will help to boost the odds that during those weird moments when our mind uses the word “dream” during a dream that we actually become lucid.

Good luck! :smile:

I have noticed that I have talked to dream characters about lucid dreaming almost every single night this week, ever since I started keeping a DJ for real again this last monday, and I also believe I have felt suspicious at some points during the dreams.
This should be a good sign.

Yay! Looks like my lucidity is coming back to me :grin:
I stopped LDing about 5 months or so ago, and wasn’t actively trying to bring them back, then this happened out of the blue. Now I’m excited about LDing all over again.
Time to start W/MILDing again.

Sounds good theevil! Just don’t let it slack away! DJ DJ DJ! And RC too! :biggrin: