So close but still a ways away!

I told myself yesterday that this would be the weekend of LD, so far no success. Last night I furiously tried MILD which seems to always work better for me, but nothing happened.

Anyway, this morning I had two dreams that took place in a very common place again and both times I didn’t but should have realized that it was just a dream.

Here is what should have made me lucid:

I had two dreams based off of a computer game called Call of Duty 2, which I play often.
In the first one, I was a Russian guy running around killing Germans, and I decided to hide in a trashcan. I should have caught this right off the bat because there is no way possible that I could fit into a small trashcan.

The second one, which occured in the morning, I was a sniper and was climbing up tall buildings. This wouldn’t be possible IRL, and IRL I would have died many times over. I didn’t catch it though. Is it that I was having too much fun, or lack of effort to notice?

My question is,
I often have dreams with places that aren’t real and am often doing thats that are impossible IRL. Why am I not realizing these and becoming lucid? I have been working on becoming lucid for the past two months, but so far, have not had any significant LDs, what am I doing wrong?

I hope this makes sense.

it will come dude, just keep persisting and keep your motivation up, it sounds like you already have a dreamsign so just keep doin the shit ur doing and it will come

If it was that easy everyone would have LDs. You don’t notice these things because in a dream they feel totally normal to you, sometimes your brain even makes up false memories to trick you. That’s why we have to use stuff like MILD and WILD.

Are you doing RCs too?
Maybe try out other techniques.

I have to admit that I do do RCs, but not very often, like once every few hours. Last night I tried WILD with no success, but I think it was that I wasn’t relaxed enough. I even had another dream set in the same game, I’m getting sick of those dreams.

I think I’m going to stick with MILD.
Thanks for the advice though, every little bit helps.

So far I havent had a dream where half way through I thought “hey, wait a minute… I’m dreaming!” And yeah it is REALLY annoying for me too :content:

I actually had my second lucid dream yesterday morning though, two weeks after I had my first. It happened exactly the same way as before, I woke up about 7am and went to do some things around the house. Then I went back to bed thinking about how much I wanted to lucid dream, and within a few minutes of falling asleep I started having a lucid dream. For me it works easier when I’m not so tired for some reason… when I’m really tired I just fall asleep and don’t remember to do anything.

Maybe this would work for you too :content: Keep trying!

i actually believe myself that not only the mothods itself helps, but that you believe in these methods and knowing about LD’ing at all helps… when i started out i didnt WBTB all the time… to remember dreams… then i took a few days break from it all, still reading the forums, then i remembered alot of dreams… i think the thing that helps most to get LD’s is that your mind is aware that it is possible, and reading this forums and being reminded about LD’ing every day… that is what helps the most i think…

WBTB has worked a few times for me, but I haven’t had time to do it, that and I just don’t like waking up before I get up normally. I think though, that doing WBTB tonight might actually get me an LD, wish me luck!