So close...need some tips

Hey everyone, im new :shy:
Ive recently been trying to get a LD (gave up a while ago but now im trying harder lol). This time ive been keeping a dream diary and now, pretty much every morning i remember my last dream very clearly. but so far, no LD.

My main method has been WILD. i read most of the tips on the site and my technique has been repeating “One, im dreaming. Two, im dreaming. etc” in my head and attempting to visualize myself flying as i do this. i seem to remember myself doing this the next morning up to when i fall asleep, but i think i am losing track and drifting off into sleep before i can initiate the LD. I usually fall asleep really quickly (within 5 or 10 minutes at the most). Is counting a bad method for me? Should i just focus on flying, or something like that?

Also, when my alarm clock goes off in the morning ill hit snooze and then concentrate on LD’ing as i fall back asleep quickly for another 10 minutes. Is this method effective as well?

Thanks a lot for any help! :happy:

uh, you could try not having an alarm clock that goes off, because then you arent distrascted by turning it on snooze or hearing it? im notsure, but i think that would help

Hello ec91199
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The method I have used is a MILD/WILD combination. Instead of counting, try saying something like: “I will realize I am Dreaming” “Will take control of my dream”. That helped me. Another rmethod that I have recently been using is the Mental Scream Method. I found doing this took me deeper into WILD. I am also one of those people who fall asleep withing minutes.

Don’t get frustrated. If you find one thing isn’t working for you. try a new method. Personaly, I would try each method or combination of methods for a week or two before moving on to the next one. Don’t think to yourself “I hope I will have a LD” be confident and and say “I WILL have a LD tonight”. and mean it.

Well, good luck, and hope to hear of your 1st Lucid Dream soon. :smile:

Dream Oracle- i need the alarm clock because ive got school

Weasel- thanks a lot for those tips! ill definately try repeating those phrases tonight. do you suggets i picture any visions while thinking it? and also, how does mental screaming work?

Hello ec91199, and welcome to the forum. :happy:

Do you use WBTB with WILD ? if not try that it might help.

I mostly say before going to sleep, “when I am dreaming, I’ll know that I’m dreaming” it always helps me a lot.
and just remember if the tech you are using now doesn’t work for you, there are many more techs here that can be used.


Here is the thread for the Mental Screaming Method

[url]The Mental Scream method]

I usualy let my mind wonder a little bit. Then when I start to see a clear image, I go along with it.

Hi ec91199, welcome to the forum!

As suggested, you should really try to combine WBTB + any method, but especially with WILD or MILD. Chances on LD’s are very much higher that way! Good luck :smile: